From InsideEARTH
 Patch v.1.2
 This patch includes the following changes:
- Structures sometimes worked without power. This has been fixed.
- The LC drop time no longer depends on the terrain height.
- EarthNet: Results are now sent after 5 minutes.
- EarthNet: Choosing Game End from the menu is now considered a Defeat if done 5 minutes or longer after the game start.
- EarthNet: Team games against AI are not rated now (at least 1 human player must be defeated to gain victory points).
- We have added a "Hold fire"/"Fire at will" button to the Artillery building.
- Fixed a bug in turning Power Plants on/off.
- Plasma Bombs sometimes bombed the LC power plant and other large structures. This has been fixed.
- The game balancing has been modified and improved.