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Earth HD MoD, 60FPS, Interface and Reshade Patch (Updated 2020 July)

Games: Escape from the Blue Planet, The Moon Project & Lost Souls

Description: Getting tired of the slow and unresponsive interface? Tired of low quality visuals? Wanna see something different with Reshade?

Low and behold: Dgvoodoo2 is used to add antialiasing and anisotropic filtering without the need of tinkering with driver settings. 60FPS fixes add much better control and weather effects look MUCH nicer. Reshade is used to add sharpening, color correction and overall a different picture from the base game.


  • Revamped the whole thing because of bad supersampling
  • Updated autoexec.con for a better camera
  • Minor Fixes
  • Added instructions to fix incorrect dgvoodoo values
  • Added 60fps tip
  • Fixed dgvoodoo erronous files
  • Redone installation process - Fixed link
  • Fixed camera angle so it doesn't crash multiplayer games accidentally
  • Updated libraries
  • Tweaked color grading again
  • Disabled Free Mouse since it brought some problems
  • Changed AA from 4x to 8x
  • Minor fix and dialed back VHSPro2 effect

Added a new set of Interfaces with bugfixes thanks to Holybrake, these include:.

  • All the texts in the construction center are visible now when playing at a 16:10 resolution.
  • Fixed missing video subtitles for UCS solid interface.
  • corrected animation speeds.

Credit: diego96

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1908815686