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In-game Commands


  1. to see the current value of a particular function, type just the function without any value
  2. some commands without defined values appear to be able to take negative numbers as well

ai.allmissions 1 - Enable all missions in singleplayer game

ai.local <player number from 0> - you can switch to AI and watch what it does.

ai.level <1,2,3> - Select AI level in campaign (1 Easy, 2 Average, 3 Hard).

artefactRespawnDivide # - Set how much faster all artefacts will respawn

building.resourcesPerContainer # - How many resources is taken from field to create one container

building.moneyPerContainer # - How much monwy you will get for one container

console.help *[search term]* - don't know what exactly the function of this is or is supposed to be, but putting asterisks around whatever you enter will show all commands with that combination of letters/numbers/symbols; was used to find everything here

Display.show 1 - Shows developer display (frame rate, cursor position, memory used etc.)

Display.show 0 - Hides developer display

Editor.CheckSubBuildings - (Editor) shows sub-building (solar cell), which is not connected to main building Editor.LoadBmp mybmp.bmp - Change mybmp.bmp to your own 250x250 px bmp file for importing into large maps.

Game.SetTime # - Set time of the day 0-midnight 128-noon 255-midnight

graph.speedyclock [0,1] - dramatically speeds up the day/night cycle visually, in-game time of day remains the same; useful for checking results on commands that affect shadows and fog

graph.fog.smooth [0,10] - determines the smoothness of "fog of war" fog

graph.fog.a1 graph.fog.a2 graph.fog.a3 graph.fog.a4 graph.fog.a5 graph.fog.b1 graph.fog.b2 graph.fog.b3 graph.fog.b4 graph.fog.b5 graph.fog.c1 graph.fog.c2 graph.fog.c3 graph.fog.c4 graph.fog.c5

Note: these confused me, but from messing with them, they appear to control fog density at different intensities, with graph.fog.b# affecting it the most (tiny value changes can completely fill or void the world of fog) and graph.fog.c# affecting it the least (value changes in the tens don't seem to do much) and graph.fog.a# being somewhere in between. alternatively, i did notice that b# didn't seem to do anything if a# were 0, and c# didn't seem to produce fog at all, only a haze, so it's possible that a# controls intensity of fog, b# controls presence of fog, c# control visibility. However, only 2 and 3 appear to do anything, 1, 4, and 5 didn't produce any noticeable changes; upon further testing, i noticed that, despite turning a2 and a3 to zero, there was still fog when I zoomed out really far that only appeared at particular times of day, which did disappear from changing the a and b 1, 4, and 5 values, so each one may be tied to a particular time of day; this is as much as I've figured out of spending a total of around 3 hours dedicated to this fog crap across the past 3 days, and I've now realized that i don't really care about the fog anymore, changing a2 and a3 to 0 will remove 99% of fog and that's all i need to know.




Note: these values cannot be changed directly (if you type a number, it won't actually change); these are affected by the 2 and 3 values of the respective letter and can only be changed by modifying those values, probably meant to be a numerical/mathematical representation of the current state of the weather fog.

Graph.Logo - Show earth logo

graph.resources [0,1] - enable/disable visibility of resources

graph.mesh [0,1] - enable/disable everything that isn't terrain

Graph.SpeedyClock 1 = Fast clock

Graph.SpeedyClock 0 = Stops fast clock

graph.texture.reload.all - presumably reloads all textures (using causes a brief 1 second freeze)

graph.texture.reload.objects - presumably same as above, except probably doesn't reload terrain and hud textures

graph.textures [0,1] - enable/disable all textures and fonts; keep in mind that because it disables fonts YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE TYPING!

graph.web [0,1] - enable/disable waynode net (can be done with 'left alt+g' by default, but you need to hold that, this is permanent)

graph.drawdistance - seems to display the current draw distance, specifically the total distance of what the game is rendering based on where the camera is looking (this game seems to have occlusion culling, so this may have been put in as a way to make sure it was working)

game.settime [0,255] - set the in-game time

gamerate [0,160] - set in-game speed, default is 20; can be done in increments of 5 with numpad + and - by default; typing this in without a value will not display it's current value; setting gamerate to 0 WILL CRASH THE GAME!

graphrate [0,160] - set refresh rate, default is 20; does not affect gamerate; typing this in without a value will not display it's current value; setting graphrate to 0 WILL CRASH THE GAME!

graphminrate [0,160] - presumably the minimum refresh rate, but doesn't seem to do anything; typing this in without a value will not display it's current value

Graph.ViewAngle.Max # - Available numbers 0 - 1.57

Graph.ViewAngle.Min # - Available numbers 0 - 1.57

graph.view.covers [0,1] - enables/disables some sort of slightly hazy transparent cover over the gameplay area (everywhere there isn't a panel) and cutting off or completely covering the console and any windowed menu (end mission box, options, etc.), hud element (compass, time), or tooltip that goes over the game area, however units, buildings, side panels, and the mission globe in campaign can still be interacted with, the console still works, and [y]es, [n]o, and [o]k hotkeys still work for briefings and mission end prompts; on splitview mode, adds a colored tint to the inactive screens, red for main, green for top secondary, blue for bottom secondary; even though the console still works, due to it blocking the console, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE TYPING!; as a casual player that has only played the campaign and a bit of skirmish, i think it's completely asinine, but i could see some potential in it for those people who want as few unnecessary distractions as possible

graph.limited.view [0,1] - enables/disables the view angle and zoom limits set in the console; when disabled, it appears that graph.viewangle.min is 0, graph.viewangle.max is 5, graph.zoom.min is 0, and graph.zoom.max is 150

graph.viewangle.max - the lower bound of the angle of the camera (as it moves towards the ground); while it accepts values up to 1000000 and maybe more, 5 appears to be the limit (about level with ground if camera not blocked by terrain)

graph.viewangle.min - the upper bound of the angle of the camera (as it moves towards the sky), with 0 allowing a top-down view and 1.4 locking it against the ground; higher numbers will typically put the camera into some weird position in the terrain, under it, or flip the world upside-down, and putting even greater numbers seems to roll it back around; for fun, setting viewangle.max to 10 and viewangle.min to 5 gets you a camera that can flip upside-down without glitching into the terrain (at least as far as I can tell)

graph.zoom.min (1,1000) - the lower bound of the zoom of the camera (towards the ground); while you can put negative numbers, the terrain will always block the camera, making 0 the effective limit

graph.zoom.max - the upper bound of the zoom of the camera (upwards); putting this lower than the graph.zoom.min setting will lock the camera at the graph.zoom.min value; while it appears you can set this however high you want without issue (max i tried was 5000), anything above 150 is useless from any practical standpoint, and you're just liable to crash your game due to rendering too much, too far away

graph.viewangle.a - doesn't appear to do anything until the value is over 7, at which point, if you move the camera down, it will snap it to some nearby spot; also affects graph.viewangle.auto; noticed the 'auto zoom' option for the first time, and when enabling that, this becomes 20

graph.viewangle.auto - appears to have multiple settings, all of which bug out the camera: 0 is off, 1 bugged the camera out, 2 bugged the camera out, 3 bugged the camera out and crashed the game; seems to be affected by graph.viewangle.a, as setting that to 5 made setting 2 crash the game and setting 3 crash the game even faster; noticed the 'auto zoom' option for the first time, and when enabling that, this becomes 1

graph.zoom.a - setting this higher than 0.3 makes the camera snap and zoom in directly over where it's focused, with higher values making it zoom in further and further; noticed the 'auto zoom' option for the first time, and when enabling that, this becomes 1

animbutton.useconsole [0,1] - enables/disables the settings set in the console for the spinning vehicle/building models used as icons

animbutton.x - modify left/right position

animbutton.y - modify up/down position

animbutton.z - modify forward/backward position

animbutton.alpha - modify left/right angle

animbutton.beta - modify up/down angle

animbutton.speedalpha - modify left/right rotation speed

animbutton.speedbeta - modify front/back rotation speed

animbutton.speedphi - modify roll speed - these allow you to modify the attributes of the spinning vehicle/building models used as icons; note that because vehicle and building models are different sizes but have the same size box, it is simply impossible to get all of them at roughly the same size in the boxes the way they are by default (i'm assuming that the models were each individually sized by the devs), below was the best i could pull off:

animbutton.z 6

animbutton.y 0.4

animbutton.x 0

animbutton.beta 0.7

animbutton.speedalpha 0.03 <-- gives a normal rotation speed for 144 refresh rate (this was done with ED icons, didn't have time/patience to try it with others)

graph.mesh.perspective [0.01, 20.0] - affects the scale of all of the spinning vehicle/building models

graph.avi [0,1] - enables/disables what i can only assume is meant to be a psuedo-screen capture, in the form of rapid full in-game resolution .bmp screenshots that predictably tank performance; screenshots are saved with other screenshots, however screenshots taken with this command running a labeled "avi###.bmp"; for me, capture rate was about 2 screenshots a second, might be quicker with a beefier cpu

graph.bed.bright [0,1] - completely removes underwater fog, making water completely clear to the bottom; have not tested with lava, but i'm going to assume it probably does nothing

graph.terrain [0,1] - enables/disables terrain

graph.sunlightangle [0,64] - determines how offset the sun is on its path during the day; at 0 it takes a straight path across the middle of the sky, at higher numbers, the sun becomes increasingly offset to the south; note that at 64, the terrain rapidly flickers

graph.mesh.spots [0,1] - enable/disable all vehicle headlights, building spotlights, and light cones, however vehicles and buildings do still emit light

graph.mesh.light [0.0,1.0] - determines the how bright some dynamic objects (some building doors, mounted weapons, etc.) become from light sources (not sunlight), 0 making objects near pitch-black at night; one of the few commands I found that I modified for my autoexec.con (set to 1) as i didn't see why you wouldn't want a light source to light up a door and maxing it out doesn't appear to have any obvious side effects

graph.mesh.light.distance [0.0,1.0] - it seems to kind of affect how far away headlights and spotlights are seen, albeit indirectly: putting it to 0 removes the lights completely (light cones are still there), but putting it any higher than it's default 0.1 makes the lights start clipping through things, both vehicles and buildings

graph.mesh.light.mul [0.0,10.0] - affects how bright light sources are, with 0 being equivalent to lights being off

graph.mesh.spot.mul [0.0,1.0] - affects the intensity of the light cones, with 0 removing them completely

graph.mesh.spotflare.mul [0.0,1.0] - affects the intensity of headlights/spotlights, with 0 turning them into some sort of cool blackhole looking inverted light

graph.banners [0,1] - enables/disables 16 squares in the upper left hand corner, most of which are black, some of which have the ucs, ed, and/or lc logos in them; i'm guessing this is showing all of the banners that are loaded in the game at that moment

graph.cursor.size [0,256] - set the size of the cursor

graph.cursor.force [-1,100] - changes the cursor to one of various types of contextual ones (such as attack, lay bridge, repair, etc.), makes cursor static (doesn't change contextually); it seems some numbers don't have any data attached to them, so the cursor disappears, but it is still there and usable; some numbers immediately crash the game

graph.rain [0,1] - enable/disable rainfall (sound still plays)

graph.rain.length [0.0,10.0] - affects the length of the raindrops; turn to 1 for something a little more realistic looking, change to 10 for super dramatic anime-looking rain

graph.freeze [0,1] - unsurprisingly freezes the screen; surprisingly everything keeps going, with hud elements overwriting each other constantly and the console font corrupting itself, becoming vertical lines; because the console's font is corrupted now, in addition to constantly overlaying and freezing over itself, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE TYPING!

graph.cloud.shadows [0,1] - enable/disable the soft shadow that comes over the terrain during weather

graph.objectshadows [0,1] - enable/disable shadows of units

graph.strangeshadow [0,1] - replaces the shadows of all buildings and terrain objects with black squares (foliage) or gaudy neon green, blue placeholder textures (buildings, ruins)

graph.shadow.ship [0.0,1.0] - i think it affects the size and angle of shadows cast by ships, but it's really hard to tell because i couldn't get a ship close enough to land to cast a shadow; after fiddling with a ship more, i'm pretty sure it's the angle

graph.shadows [0,1] - enable/disable terrain shadows (there is still some shading on the terrain, but it definitely gets rid of something)

graph.shadowintensity [0.0,1.0] - affects how dark shadows set by buildings and ruins are, with 0 making the shadows disappear

graph.snow [0,1] - enable/disable snowfall

graph.mesh.snow [0,1] - enable/disable snow on top of buildings and vehicles

graph.limit - not sure what this does, but setting it to between 0.001 and 0 starts doing some funny things with the mission globe and spinning models, setting it to 0 snaps the camera against the ground everytime you try to rotate it

graph.mouse.pointer [0,1] - enable/disable cursor, everything works the same, you just can't see where you're pointing (except dragging boes around units doesn't work)

interface.reversemouse [0,1] - enable/disable reversing the left, right mouse buttons (same as the reverse mouse button in the menu)

graph.placementtest [0,1] - enable/disable a bunch of squares in the upper-right hand corner that, judging by where they are and the name of the command, is meant to help center the screen

graph.quake [0,1] - didn't bother going through the hassle of starting a game and getting an earthquake generator to test this (i got stuff to do and places to be) because i'm 99% sure this enables/disables earthquake generator visual effects

graph.showsidecolor [0,1] - enabling this retextures all units and buildings on the map to each teams' respective colour, yellow for neutral structures (ruins, walls, bridges, etc.); i find this one very intriguing, especially for it's potential to make tracking things in competitive games easier

graph.screenshot - takes a screenshot




graph.s2b - by default these are all [0.015640]; it seems like it may simultaneously shift the individual positions of dynamic interface elements(anything that reacts in some way upon being interacted with): what i mean is the positions of the individual elements are moved, but only in their own local areas, causing them to become cutoff, disappear, or begin repeating; in any case, kind of hard to tell because changing them to anything else messes up just about everything that could be messed up: compass, fonts, map, panels, windows, tooltips, even the main menu and videos are screwed all the way up, only things left intact are the time and panels; note that because it completely screws up the font in the console, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE TYPING!; mess with it if you want, but i'd refrain from it: nothing good can come of it, and being unable to see what you're typing in the console makes it nigh impossible to undo

graph.tunnels [0,1] - enable/disable tunnels

graph.tunnels.wall [0,1] - enable/disable inner tunnel wall

graph.tunnels.wall.transparent [0,1] - enable/disable outer tunnel wall

graph.tunnels.forbidden [0,1] - enable/disable underground solid rock

graph.vsync [0,1] - enable/disable vsync

interface.wheelzoomfactor [1,100] - affects how far a click of the mouse wheel will zoom in/out, with 1 zooming in/out 100 units per wheel click (if you're graph.zoom.max is set to 500, it will only take at most 5 clicks in either direction to reach the zoom limit); when setting it to one, i seemed to break my zoom, with the min zoom being around 100 despite the graph.zoom.min being 5, however i fixed it by putting my graph.zoom.max below my graph.zoom.min to force it down; while negative numbers are not normally possible, mixsets forces it to -60 in order to invert the zoom control


graph.x2 - affects the position of the minimap, by default graph.x1 is [0] and graph.x2 [-0.5]; x1 affects the upper-left corner, x2 affects the lower-right corner, positive numbers moving it lower-right, negative numbers moving it upper-left, as a result it can only be moved diagonally up-left, down-right; x1 and x2 must be the same (at least within 1 value of each other), having the numbers different causes the minimap to become either stretched or compressed, corrupting the picture, with higher differences resulting in greater corruption of the minimap

graph.x1b graph.x2b - affects the position of the interface as a whole: to clarify, unlike graph.s*, which far as i could tell moved the position of the interface elements within their own local area, graph.x#b moves the entire interface as a single unit (compass, console, panels, time, etc. all shift in unison), by default graph.x1b is [0] and graph.x2b is [0]; x1b affects the upper-left corner, x2b affects the lower-right corner, positive numbers moving it lower-right, negative numbers moving it upper-left, as a result it can only be moved diagonally up-left, down-right; x1 and x2 must be roughly the same (at least within 5 value of each other), having the numbers different causes the entire interface and console to become either stretched or compressed, with higher differences resulting in it being corrupted to the point of being illegible; note that because the console is affected too, having too great a difference will result in you NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE TYPING!;

commands that don't appear to do anything, and that i can't imagine what they would do

graph.oldmap [default = 1] - presumably makes the game use an older minimap... don't know what that means, since i'm pretty sure eftbp, tmp, and ls all use the same style of minimap

graph.katmai [default = 1] - searched it up on google, got a national park and wildlife preserve in alaska

graph.lights [default = 1] - this should enable/disable lights period, but it doesn't, so no idea what the hell else it could be

graph.smooth.textures [default = 1] - textures don't look any different after turning it off, even after using graph.texture.reload.all

graph.showreloading [default = 0] - i would understand why this is off if it did anything while it was on

graph.smooth.shades [default = 1] - i'm not even sure what a smooth shadow would be, and apparently neither is the game

graph.extra.reload [default = 0] - i'd guess it affects resupply speed, but i didn't notice anything different at 100

graph.extra.kajtek [default = 0] - lolwut; apparently kajtek is polish for something along the lines of "young male child"

graph.tunnels.ceiling [default = 0] - tunnels don't have ceilings, and this doesn't change that

SwitchToPlayer # - Let you play as player #

Credit: Peanut3k

Cheat Codes

Escape from the Blue Planet

During the game, press Enter and type "I_wanna_cheat". Then press the left Shift key, 0 on the numeric keypad, and enter at the same time. Then press ENTER again, type one of the following codes. After typing, press ENTER again.

let_be_darkness Activates fog of war
dirt_cheap_research Cheaper research
bad_time_bad_place Damages all nearby units
see_you_next_life Destroy selected unit
the_hammer_of_thor destroys all enemies within 8 range
hasta_la_vista_enemigos destroys all visible units and objects
massacre Destroys everything in range of 8
einstein_0 fast exploration disabled
einstein_1 fast exploration enabled
help_me_please!!! 0/1 Fast explore player only, 0 = off and 1 = on
I_wanna_cheat Full repair
i_love_this_game # Give # of CR
armageddonv Meteors
fireworks Mines
x-mas_pack Reload ammo
time_is_relative Research speed increased
i_hate_limits # Sets unit limit to #
no_more_secrets Show map
no_one_hides Shows all units
eagle_eye You see all

The Moon Project

Codes enter as in Earth 2150, that is, press enter and type:

shower Create a Meteor Shower
tromaville Damage Everything
gohome! Destroy Your Buildings
moonlight Disable all Fog Caused By War
cheater 0 Disable cheat mode
hereyouare! Display all opponents on screen
beautifulmoon (Then either 1 or 2) Display The Full Map
hide Fog Mode
newone Free Weapons and Units
moneyfornothing (00-99) Get Free Money
byebye Instant Loss
smash Kill Your Units
idkfa Max Out Your Health
ultascience Perform a Fast Research
hotground Place Mines
nobelprize Research Everything
sciencefornothing Research For Free
limit_up (number) Set max unit number
judgementday Show All of your Enemies
newone (unit/weapons) Spawn unit with all desired weapons
mybrainisfaster (0 or 1) Toggle fast research on/off

Lost Souls

Codes enter as in Earth 2150 and in TMP, that is, press enter and type:

Tromaville Damage all visible enemies
gohome! Destroy selected building
smash Destroys everything in sight
Cheater 0 Disable cheat mode
moonlight Disable fog of war
Cheater 1 Enable cheat mode
hide Enable fog of war
mybrainisfaster 1 Faster research
moneyfornothing # Free money (enter number)
Sciencefornothing Free research
byebye Instant loss
judgementday Kill on visible enemies
limit_up # Limit goes up # of levels (enter number)
Shower Meteor shower
hotground Plant mines
nobelprize Research everything
hereyouare! Show all enemies
beautifulmoon 1 Show full map