E2150 - GameTypes

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Earth 2150 - GameTypes

Here we explain the difference with each GameType mode that is selectable in Multiplayer or Skirmish

  • Arena - you have set units and fight it out, get artefacts for ammo and repairs.
  • Capture the Flag - Capture the flag.
  • Destroy Enemy Structure/Weather - Destroy Enemy Structures (all), with Dynamic Weather.
  • Tech War - Infinite money, all techs researched and availbile by default.
  • Earn Money - Mine set number of resources or kill all others.
  • Kill'em All - Kill everything (similar to Destroy Enemy Structures, but you need to kill units too).
  • Uncle Sam - Mining Disabled, everyone get X amount of Resources every Y min.
  • IEO - Destroy Enemy Structures - This is based on the original Destroy Enemy Structure Gametype but with additional enhancements:
    • Timer
    • Auto-Ally after 12 seconds (teams are detected by distance)
    • Explored map for watchers
    • Killed players can't rebuild, everything will be destroyed after 5 seconds, they can continue to watch and transfer their remaining money
    • XL mode (longer lasting resources)
    • Endless resorces mode (disables also trenching and walls)
    • Uncle Sam mode (15,000-40,000 CR/min)
    • Techwar money mode (1,000,000,000 CR)

Every gamemode has some basic settings, but not every one supports things like enabling Default units on the map.