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Operation X (OPX)


Games: The Moon Project & Lost Souls

Description: Operation X have a goal to expand over what earth 2150 moon project and lost souls have. This expansion adds new towers, chassis, weapons for each faction.

Credit: Benni

Source: http://www.operationx.tk

Units and Balancing Modification Pack [UBMP]

Games: The Moon Project

Description: UBMP stands for Unit & Balancing Modification Pack. UBMP is ribdeths attempt to fix the balancing of TMP and add new units to the game. Currently, the new units are ones I've unlocked that are in the original Campaigns, but unavailable in regular Skirmish Mode. They will soon be available for all types of Skirmish Mode, including Multiplayer. I am also interested in modifying some of the costs, times, and stats of the game for skirmish and multiplayer games to make the game slightly better balanced. I hope UBMP will be the defining compilation pack of new units for the Moon Project in the future, and will contain only the best new units. It will serve as a compendium of high quality weapons, specialty items, and scripts. It will also be well balanced and ideal for multiplayer gaming on all types of maps. All balancing work and poor scripting by Ribdeth, and Utilities and Support by MadCat, without whom this wouldn't even have been possible. Any comments or suggestions are highly appreciated, and you can email me at ribdeth@yahoo.com or post ideas at the BATTLEGROUNDS Forum in the Scripts, Mods, Maps, & Other Projects Section.

Credit: Ribdeth (ribdeth@yahoo.com)

Source: http://www.angelfire.com/geek/ribdeth/ubmp.html

SuperStorm v3 [SS]


Games: The Moon Project & Lost Souls

Description: Gamers, who install the SuperStorm mod, take profit from new team options. These handle the alliances between human and AI-players automatically depending on the presetting. Moreover, the mod presents changes in the resource - and weather-options. After installing, resources last 4 to 16 times longer and the weather can be influenced.

But that's not all. SuperStorm provides a clear view on the explored map after removing the fog of war with a mouse click. The "Observer"-Option, only available in the single player game, allows you to watch AI-players battling it out and ignore you totally.

Credit: SpaceTug (e2spacetug@ntlworld.com)

Source: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/gmtechb/Earth/SS_V2.htm

Earth 2150 EftBP Campaigns with TMP

Games: The Moon Project

Description: This 696kb Mod will enable you to play the 3 original Earth 2150 EftBP Campaigns with the The Moon Project Engine.

With this benefits:

  • better graphics
  • you can zoom out further
  • more useful hotkeys
  • new technologies integrated seamlessly
  • uses TMP unit balancing (ED campaign a little easier, LC campaign a little harder)
  • unchanged original missions
  • no .exe installer (just copy files and rename them)”

Credit: Loco

Silent Strike Campaign


Games: The Moon Project

Description: This is an additional campaign for "Earth 2150: The Moon Project" for UCS. It includes 20 completely new missions. The story takes place parallel to the campaign in the Escape from the Blue Planet. You gets an opportunity to get to know the NEO from a different angle, before he became such a rebellious artificial intelligence. Together, you will carry out missions inter alia aimed at supporting the MARS project.

All you have to do is: copy the file 'ONE_Campaign_v1.01.wd' to the WDFiles director.

Credit: ONE, tested by Rosic and PWL


Games: The Moon Project & Lost Souls

Description: OSMod is a mod for The Moon Project and Lost Souls (Earth 2150 Add-ons). The included scripts open new useful possibilities of the game.

Credit: Surrim

Source: https://github.com/surrim/osmod

General of the Third Category (UCS Campaign)

Games: The Moon Project

Description: The campaign is the work of one of the Polish fans of The Moon Project - KP 2140. Thanks to him, we can play the despised and humiliated General of the UCS. The campaign gives us an amazing Fun. In most missions, apart from the fact that you have to think, we can admire huge fights, consisting of dozens of vehicles. Finally, there is a mission in which we use full capabilities of ships. The tasks are quite diverse - from destroy everyone, through repair the base, to build a defense in the ravine and repel the enemy. The campaign is also distinguished by a fairly high level of difficulty. All missions take place on newly created maps, we get completely new orders, which are sometimes very humorous (if we treat them with tongue in cheek). The plot strongly refers to the official Earths, so we can look at the war of 2150th from a different perspective. I think you don't need to be encouraged more to download this first Polish mod! It's just worth it! The Moon project gains a second youth with him :>

Credit: KP 2140

Kill The AI

Games: The Moon Project & Lost Souls

Versions: v3 v4 v5 v6 v7 v8 v9

Description: This is a bundle of 3 maps by Mortal Combatant designed for 3* human players to fight against AI. Additionally it delivers a special gamemode KillTheAI which may (you are able to turn it off) disable some researches for the players (3 first lobby slots), and adds some free technologies to the AI. Maps contain prebuilt bases with extensive fortifications. Game shouldn't be able to be won as a single participant.

Credit: Mortal Combatant (Maps), Koniecpolski (GameType Script)


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