E2150 - Host and Join Games

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Host and Join Games

The game offers multiple ways to play online with your friends. The InsideEARTH community uses community-hosted EarthNet server, and it is the recommended and most reliable way to play the game online. All available options are:

  • EarthNet - InsideEARTH - community version of EarthNet server, recommended way to play multiplayer
  • Official EarthNet - mostly offline/down
  • VPN Services - such as GameRanger, Hamachi or Radmin
  • Direct IP - TCP/IP connection, requires public IP and port forwarding

In case you cannot play for whatever reasons on EarthNet, it is best to pick some VPN service, such as GameRanger - however, you will not be able to play with people who use EarthNet, so this solution is viable only in case you want to play some private games with your friends or family. You don't need to set up every listed multiplayer gaming environment, just pick one the most suited for you (maybe your friend already uses one of them for different games).


EarthNet is a Multiplayer lobby built into the game and can be accessed via the Multiplayer menu option. Since the official EarthNet is mostly offline and isn't maintained, virtually all online games are being played on community EarthNet. This is the recommended way to play online. In order to start using community EarthNet, there are some additional steps required, these can be found here.

VPN Services

If you seek alternatives to EarthNet, you can try one of the known services, such as GameRanger, Hamachi or Radmin. In case of GameRanger, we have a detailed guide available here.

Direct IP

This option requires all players to either be in the same local area network (LAN), or the host to have a public IP with specific ports forwarded. The option is available from within Main Menu > Multiplayer as "TCP/IP Connection". The host needs to go through "Initialize" and "Create New Session" steps, while the clients need to manually enter host's IP address before clicking "Initialize". The game should be listed in "Available sessions" panel. If it isn't, then most likely there are some issues with port forwarding and/or firewall etc.