E2150 - Linux Installation

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At this page you should get an answer about how to get Earth2150 running on Linux Mint 20.2 (using WINE).

Earth 2150 - Linux Mint (20.2) Install

1. Setup wine: https://linuxhint.com/installing_wine_linux_mint/

2. install Earth 2150 via ISO or Steam

Installs for Multiplayer


1. Install Direct Play service:

winetricks directplay


2. Install mfc42 - it is required for GameRanger

winetricks mfc42 

3. Download Gameranger from: https://www.gameranger.com/download/ and install with Wine.


If you have no in-game music/video, then run those commands:

winetricks quartz
winetricks directmusic 
winetricks amstream 
winetricks cinepak
winetricks icodecs

If the above doesn't correct the music issue, you may also need to run the following commands;

WINEPREFIX=<path-to-wine> wine regsvr32 'c:\windows\system32\amstream.dll' 
WINEPREFIX=<path-to-wine> wine regsvr32 'c:\windows\system32\quartz.dll'