E2150 - MooS v2.1

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M.O.O.S. Moon Omnipresent Observing Service

To some the name "moos" will probably say something else, for everyone else here a short description: "moos is a small program that makes it possible to chat on EarthNet without starting extra Earth." Since I haven't worked on it for a long time, I decided to make moos2 freely available under the GPL. moos2 only supports the EarthNet protocol of Earth 2150 and its addons, but runs quite stable. For example, it would be possible to improve the user experience, extend language support or even include support for the Earth 2160 EarthNet protocol. If someone expands moos2, I like to add the new code to the official moos2 repository and give write rights depending on the seriousness.

The source code can be accessed here. The zlib and wxWidgets project files for Visual C .NET 2005 and Dev-Cpp are required for compilation.

The source is written in C++ and should actually run under *BSD/Linux. If someone seriously expands moos2 (i.e. more than little fun craft), you can contact me (mensi@insideearth.de). Please note that the source is under the GPL, i.e. if you provide your modified version of moos2 to others, you must also publish your modified source.

Download: MooS v2.1

Credits: Mensi (mensi@insideearth.de)