E2160 - Benchmark

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Earth 2160 Benchmark

As usual only with shooters, Earth 2160 also has a benchmark function. The benchmark runs on a particularly hardware-intensive map, but no AI-calculated game situations are displayed. Due to other priorities of a strategy game, one should not necessarily compare the FPS data with that of a 3D shooter.

Here's how it works:

  1. The start file Earth2160_START.exe must be given the -benchmarkconfig parameter.
  2. The best way to duplicate the Earth 2160 desktop icon is to do this.
  3. Then you switch to the properties (right mouse button on the icon / properties) for one of the two icons and attach the parameter -benchmarkconfig at the end at the destination (see marker on the picture): Done!
  4. Now simply execute the icon and the settings can be selected:

Benchmark results:

To be able to compare the results meaningfully with each other, we have selected 3 standard settings:

Resolution: 640x480
Detail Level:
Low Antialiasing: Without
Resolution: 1024x768
Detail Level: High
Antialiasing: Without
Variant High
Resolution: 1600x1200
Detail Level: High
Antialiasing: 4x 

Of course you can also test other configuration.

By the way, the results are also stored in the file "My Files/Earth2160 files/BenchmarkResults.txt".

Have fun!