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Cheats - (Console commands) - by Serenity on 04/06/2006 01:31

Has Falkner just made the departure for the tenth time? Have the aliens overrun your base again? Have you run out of money and you can no longer finance your research?

If you're about to throw your computer out of the window, then maybe cheats are the "cheaper" solution. Of course, we recommend everyone to try it honestly first, but if you don't see a way out, you'll be helped here. Of course, the commands don't work in multiplayer, but nobody expected that... Or?

All cheats are entered in the console. You open this with a press on ENTER. The cheat entry is completed with a further pressure on ENTER. By the way, it is not case-sensitive.

Cheats_2160 Enables the cheats. Must be run once after each reboot of the game.

  • ResearchAll All available research has been researched.
  • AddMoney X You will be credited to your resources for the amount X.
  • ResetFog Uncovers the map.
  • Heal Heals marked units.
  • Kill Killt marked units.
  • AddExperiencePoints X Increases the experience points of the selected (infantry) unit by the amount X.
  • SetExperienceLevel X Gives the selected (infantry) unit the experience level X (max. 8).
  • DisableAI Disable computer opponents

The following commands are available for mission control:

  • EnableAllCampaigns Unlocks all campaigns in the campaign selection.
  • EC. DebugEndMission Completing mission successfully
  • Clear Losing Mission

The Earth4 engine can also be graphically adapted:

  • Graph.ViewAngle.Max X maximum possible camera angle (1.0 - 5.0)
  • Graph.ViewAngle.Min X min. possible camera angle (0.1 - 1.0)
  • Graph.Zoom.Max X maximum possible zoomout
  • Graph.Zoom.Min X at least possible zoomout
  • DrawTerrainGrid X Draw grids (0/1)
  • DrawTerrainTypes X Color terrain types (0/1)

The editor can also do something:

  • Editor.Update Cleans up all errors, updates the map
  • Editor.SinglePlayer X All campaign maps can be edited in the editor (0/1) Caution, after a change to the original maps there may be problems with the campaigns!
  • Editor.ImportOldLevel Levels.ld Import elevation profile of old Earth-2/Earth-3 maps

Finally, a few general commands:

  • Time X Set time of day to X (values are set in the editor)
  • GameRate Set game speed to X (1-100)
  • Exit Ends the game Quit Ends the game
  • Ai. Local X Takes control of an AI. (Slots 1-15)

In addition to these, there are also commands for recording videos: Create videos in AVI format