E2160 - Commands

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In-game Commands


  1. to see the current value of a particular function, type just the function without any value
  2. some commands without defined values appear to be able to take negative numbers as well

display.show 1 - to show fps

engine.farplane 1200 - Visibility distance by adjusting Fog of War (FoW), possible to set it up to 3000 to see far away

graph.selection.draw 1/0 - SWITCH ON/OFF HP bars over the units

showInterface 0/1 - Switch interface ON/OFF

Graph.FreeCamera 0/1 - Switch between RTS camera and free camera

LookAt X,Y,Z,Angle,View - Set camera position

Graph.ViewAngle.Max 1.57 - Camera vertical angle lower limit (in radians from zenith)

Graph.ViewAngle.Min 0 - Camera vertical angle upper limit (in radians from zenith)

Graph.Zoom.Max - Set maximum zoom

Graph.Zoom.Min - Set minimal zoom

engine_dynamicalphaenable 1 - Enable transparent objects near camera

engine_dynamicalphadist 100 - How close to the camera objects start to be transparent

display.console 0/1 - Switch on/off on screen information console

Editor.SinglePlayer 0/1 - Lets you edit singleplayer campaign levels

Editor.NumbersFrom1 0/1 - Numbers of starting points and markers start from 1

Editor.SaveToEditorDir 0/1 - 0 - save levels to directory "Levels", 1-save levels to directory "Levels\Editor"

Editor.ImportOldLevel Levels\level.lnd - Import of the map from WWII or KnightShift.

Editor.LoadBmp file.bmp - Loads heightmap from BMP file. File have to be saved as a grayscale

Editor.Update - Update the map - clear all errors

Editor.AltForceMul 5.0 - Force of all altitude brushes

Editor.UsedTextures - Statistics of used textures are saved in file "UsedTextures.txt"

engine.uselod - Forces the engine to not iterate between different LOD versions of meshes (0 - 1)

engine.lod0 - Default LOD0 distance = 500

engine.lod1 - Default LOD1 distance = 700

ai.local X - Switch to player X