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Rebalance 9.075



New Earth Project [NEP]

Description: The NEP (New Earth Project), is focused in bringing old units , atmosphere and that specific feel of older games created in Earth universe(like Earth 2140 , 2150 , the moon project , etc). But not only that. It is also some kind of experiment with is focused in showing what can be done in RTS games.

Mod features: - New/old units from others game series, like Tiger for UCS , LBT(Pamir) for ED or crusher for LC

- Improved Fx - New maps created especially for this MOD(Also graphically improved) - Completely new gameplay.

- New much clearer research system (Now you know what you are researching.)

- Different build system for specific races.

- Completely new reworked aliens, with much better morphing system (Morphoid player now “tech” like other nations...)

- Old/New weapons technologies , with behave like as the ones from older games from this series .

Credit: Raptorad, Ltemplar

GitHub: https://github.com/raptorad/NEP

SuperStorm v3 [SSv3]



IEO Rebalancing