E2160 - Game Mods

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Rebalance 9.075

Description: Unknown

Credit: Unknown

IEO Rebalancing

Description: The Rebalancing Project is an attempt to correct Earth 2160's balancing in a way that makes it playable in multiplayer. The original unmodified balancing of Earth 2160 v1.3.7 can't be recommended for serious online gaming since the factions are completely out of balance, favouring a small set of very strong tactics leading to boring games and nothing more. As a matter of fact, the Rebalancing Project has successfully replaced the standard balancing in online games, making it a requirement to actually play games on EarthNet.

Credit: InsideEARTH Operations

New Earth Project [NEP]

Description: The NEP (New Earth Project), is focused in bringing old units , atmosphere and that specific feel of older games created in Earth universe(like Earth 2140 , 2150 , the moon project , etc). But not only that. It is also some kind of experiment with is focused in showing what can be done in RTS games.

Mod features: - New/old units from others game series, like Tiger for UCS , LBT(Pamir) for ED or crusher for LC

- Improved Fx - New maps created especially for this MOD(Also graphically improved) - Completely new gameplay.

- New much clearer research system (Now you know what you are researching.)

- Different build system for specific races.

- Completely new reworked aliens, with much better morphing system (Morphoid player now “tech” like other nations...)

- Old/New weapons technologies , with behave like as the ones from older games from this series .

Credit: Raptorad, Ltemplar

GitHub: https://github.com/raptorad/NEP

SuperStorm v3 [SSv3]

Description: SuperStorm adds teaming options (with human players and AI), additional resource options, weather and some other features to Skirmish and Multiplayer modes in Earth 2160.

Credit: SpaceTug

New Rebalancing Mod v1.14

Description: Unknown Credit: Tika

JFRM v17

Description: Unknown

Credit: Unknown