E2160 - Setup Earth 2160 for Multiplayer

From InsideEARTH

To play Earth 2160 Multiplayer with the community you need to set the game up as follows:

  1. Install the base game of Earth 2160, this should come patched to v1.3.8, if not then patch to this version.
  2. Choose which version you wish to play.
  3. If you plan to use EarthNet then please ensure you have the required ports open and forwarded correctly and have installed the EarthNet Registry Fix
  4. If you are unable to forward the required ports for EarthNet then you can use either;
    1. RADMIN, once installed join the "Earth 2160" Network.
    2. Hamachi, once installed join the "Earth2160pro" Network, for the password speak to Duszek (Duchu) or Organix on Discord.
  5. Have Fun!