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EarthTmpExtensions is a module for The Moon Project and Lost Souls, which fixes some bugs and add some clientside improvements. It requires a module loader (shipped with TMP/LS 2.1.1 and 2.2.1 patches) to work.


The latest version of 2.1.1/2.2.1 The Moon Project and Lost Souls patch includes 1.0.13 version of this module.

The recent version (1.0.15) can be downloaded separately from here.


  • significant FPS improvement due to rendering optimizations (Direct3D only)
  • large resolutions adjustments - smaller sidepanel and compass
  • almost everything is configurable
  • fully client-side (you can use it in MP games without the need of other players having it as well)
  • smooth camera zooming
  • custom FPS settings
  • game options adjustments:
    • increased maximum configurable map scroll speed
    • increased maximum camera zoom in game preferences (no need to type command for large max zoom, you can set large values in options now)
    • disabled performance warning for larger max zoom values


Mod can be configured by providing an .ini file. The file is optional, and should be created only if you wish to override some of the default settings. These are the configurable options available in the latest version:

Field Value type Default Description
LogLevel One of the following:
  • INFO
INFO Amount of logging that gets into .log file
EnableRenderOverflowCrashFix 0/1 1 Fixes game crashing after large zoom out
Widescreen adjustments
OverrideSidePanelWidthFactor 0/1 1 If side panel width should be adjusted
SidePanelWidthFactor Integer 144 Side panel width

Default for 16:9 is 240. For 1920x1080, and value of $bottomPanelHeightFactor == 180, 160 is the highest value that displays 4 buildings/units vertically in the side panel. You won't get 5 boxes unless you minimize bottom panel

OverrideBottomPanelWidthFactor 0/1 1 If bottom panel width should be adjusted
BottomPanelWidthFactor Integer 180 Bottom panel width

Default for 16:9 is 180 138 is the lowest value for 1920x1080 that allows 3 buttons vertically in the bottom panel 180 is the lowest value for 1920x1080 that allows 4 buttons vertically in the bottom panel

OverrideCompassSize 0/1 1 If compass size should be adjusted
CompassSize Integer 80 Desired compass size
EarthquakeEffectMultiplier Decimal 0.5 Camera shake effect during explosions/earthquakes multiplier
DesiredFps Integer 120 DesiredFps
Smooth zooming
EnableSmoothZooming 0/1 1 If "smooth zooming" feature should be enabled
ZoomTime Integer 300 Zoom speed factor. Smaller value = faster zooming.
D3D rendering optimizations (advanced)
EnableTerrainRenderingOptimization 0/1 1 Enables terrain rendering optimizations
EnableWaterRenderingOptimization 0/1 1 Enables water rendering optimizations
EnableWaterGreenOverlayRenderingOptimization 0/1 1 Enables water green overlay rendering optimizations
EnableShadowRenderingOptimization 0/1 1 Enables shadow rendering optimizations
EnableMeshRenderingOptimization 0/1 1 Enables mesh rendering optimizations
ShadowRenderThreshold Decimal 50.0 The fines camera zoom at which shadows stop biong rendered (for performance reasons)
GroundRenderBufferSize Integer 150 Buffer sizes. Do not modify unless you know what you are doing
NavMeshRenderBufferSize Integer 10000
GreenOverlayRenderBufferSize Integer 10000
ResourcesRenderBufferSize Integer 10000
WaterRenderBufferSize Integer 150
WaterGreenOverlayRenderBufferSize Integer 10000
ShadowRenderBufferSize Integer 100
MeshRenderBufferSize Integer 150

Example configuration

Let's say you want to make shadows disappear at larger height (135.0) that they currently do. You also use other resolution than 1920x1080, and the side panel and compass are too large for you (you would like them to be 2 times smaller). To configure it, you will need to create EarthTmpExtensions.ini file next to your EarthTmpExtensions.ieo. There is no need to put all the values from the table above, as game will use defaults anyway. The content of the file should be as follows:

ShadowRenderThreshold = 135.0
CompassSize = 40
SidePanelWidthFactor = 72