Voicechat (Discord)

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InsideEarth Discord Server
The InsideEarth Discord Server

InsideEarth has a Discord server that everyone can use to talk with their friends and other community players!

What is Discord?

  • Discord is a free application for individuals and groups.
  • It's a regularly updated voice-chat software that is primarily used for communication whilst gaming.
  • In InsideEarth we use it as an easily available platform for voice communication for you and your friends during games, and for general Earth21xx things.
  • Finding interesting Discord Servers is very easy

How to use the Discord server

It's super easy, simply follow this link and you will be taken to an in-browser version of the server. That's it, you are done!

Alternatively you can also download the app here and then click on the above link to have it added to your server list.

  • It should be noted that you cannot change your name on this server, so its recommended to sign up with your online plyaer name.
  • However, an administrator or moderator can change your name for you, if you confirm your identity.

Why Discord?

Here is a list of advantages of Discord over mumble:

  • Discord features a highly developed chat with embedded images and videos, with multiple channels.
  • It works in the browser with no download or setup required at all.
  • There is a mobile app for it letting you use our server from a portable device.
  • Moderation and permissions, and support are present in Discord to help you out with Earth21xx related questions, and make life nice for you in general.
  • Both the InsideEarth Discord server and Discord app itself undergo development so you can look forward to new features and functionality.
  • You can use discord for things other than Earth21xx, and its very easy to switch servers there.