World Championship Series - 2020

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The World Championship Series the first ever Earth 2150 tournament held in 2020, with a qualifiers tournament preceding the main tournaments itself.

Result Tree

World Championship Series


VoDs :


  • NA


  • Double Elimination system tournament:
  • Maps were announced at the beginning of each round/week.

Game Rules

  • Earth 2150: The Moon Project - Version 2.2
  • All Tournament Matches are to take place on GameRanger
  • GameType: Destroy All Structures
    • Mine Resources
    • Research: 2x
    • Bombs & WMD's: Enabled
    • Unit Limit: None
    • Game Speed: Default.
  • In case of disconnection before 10 minutes, the game had to be replayed, after this, at the discretion of the player who did not disconnect.

Map Pool

  • 1v1 Box V2 [S] - (Default Map if one cannot be agreed)
  • 1v1 Planet v1 [S]
  • 1v1 Battle Box v3 [Ani]
  • 1v1 Budokai v2 [Ani]

Races (Factions)

  • All Races including "Random" selection are allowed.


  • All strategies that are not classified as an exploit are allowed.

Match Scheduling

  • It is down to players to mutually agree a date/time to carry out their matches.
  • Players must in advance (minimum of 2 hours) announce their match in the discord #lobby and ping @Referee & @Broadcasters
  • Any and all matches not completed within the tournament period will result in a loss multiplied by the number of outstanding matches. If players are unable to agree a date/time to play, this must be raised with a referee ASAP. The referee will review and negotiate a time. If one still cannot be mutually agreed then the referee can either set a date/time or mark one or both players as a loss and cancel the match.

Match Rules

  • All known bugs, exploits and cheats are banned, using and abusing them will result in disqualification.
  • It is the responsibility of each player to ensure their game is set up correctly (local configuration, key binds, so on..) before the tournament starts.
  • All Discord Server rules will apply to this tournament and any rulings not listed will be dealt with in a case by case basis by the Referee's.
  • Abuse to the Referee's will not be tolerated and will result in a disqualification [DQ] from the tournament.
  • The Referee's decision is final.

Match Streaming

  • Participants are NOT allowed to stream/broadcast tournament matches.
  • Participants ARE allowed to record their matches for post match uploading/sharing.
  • Only Referees & Broadcasters are allowed to stream/broadcast tournament matches, any participant found to be violating these rules will be automatically banned and removed from the tournament.
  • All broadcasts will be on a 5 minute delay to stop Ghosting.

Match Issues

  • Results of game crashes are to be decided on a case by case basis by the referee. The outcome can either be a soft restart (same factions, positions), Full Restart, or a victory given to a player. In the event of multiple crashes the game may be classed as a draw and no players gain points.

Match Pausing

  • The game can only be paused at the start of the game to make sure settings are correct and must be done within the first 30 seconds of the game. After that players can only pause the game if a bug/exploit occurs and must consult with the referee before they continue. Before unpausing the game, both players must state in the chat that they are ready.

Match Results

  • Players are to post their results through Challonge after a match is complete.
  • Players must capture "Victory" & "Results" screenshots as evidence of the match victory in case of dispute.


  • If a designated referee wishes to observe a game or series, you must let them into the lobby. Failure to do so will result in the match being replayed.
  • Referees have final say on all matters.
  • Where possible, the referees will record/stream match's.

For anything not covered here, please contact the tournament organiser.

Good luck Comrade's!