From InsideEARTH changelog
  - new version of IeoModuleLoader
  - new versions of EarthExtensions and EarthFixes modules
  - StackCrashFixLight module (formerly EarthStackCrashLogger) included by default
  - included by default D3D wrapper for higher resolutions (thanks to https://github.com/UCyborg/LegacyD3DResolutionHack)
  Bug fixes:
  - fix for some users having text input fields issues under Win11 (EarthFixes)
  - disabling DEP globally in Windows is usually no longer required (EarthFixes)
  - fixed experience level overflow (EarthFixes)
  - fix for game running ridiculously fast on certain CPUs (EarthFixes)
  - fixed LC factory crash bug (EarthFixes)
  - fixed MDW missing at longer ranges and/or firing at very aggressive angles (EarthFixes)
  - fixed collision of walls under construction, that prevents "immortal walls" bug (EarthFixes)
  - fixed template validation that could crash game in Lost Souls (EarthFixes)