From InsideEARTH (aka Alpha) changelog
  Bug fixes:
  - disabled heavy weapon subslot for building grabber
  - fixed projectiles passing through UCS walls
  - easier targeting against ED/UCS walls, bridges and trees
  - fixed ED/UCS unupgraded rockets and heavy rockets misfiring
  - fixed heavy sonic subweapon slot
  - fixed misplaced Hydra I weapon slot
  - fixed misplaced Leviathan weapon slot
  - fixed UCS submarine plasma MDW to deal energy type damage
  - disabled repair module for big ships
  - removed wall construction smoke effect, as it could potentially crash the game
  - passable passives like railroads, OPX roads and lights no longer mess up targeting of units/buildings on top of them 
  Balance changes:
  ED - Eurasian Dynasty:
  - accelerated elevator speed to match that of UCS/LC tunnel entrance
  - fixed Siberia turret rotation issues (a fix that affects balance)
  UCS - United Civilized States:
  - no changes
  LC - Lunar Corporation:
  - changed Guardian building transporter from the fastest (18) to medium (11)
  - increase solar power plant's max panel count from 10 to 12
  - enhanced MG targeting capabilities against targets above
  - introduced max wall construction range that starts at 1/3 of the map size and then progresses at the same speed as building range