Acme Laboratory

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Acme Laboratory was an Lunar Corporation research facility in which military technologies were designed. Laboratory was managed by Sheela Merlan and later in game by Charles Neshit.

In game appearances

Acme lab is one of the first missions available to player in LC campaign. The goals were bring Fang into facility and conduct several tests: speed, durability and weapon test. On the second time the player watches tests of Prototype based on Fang's vehicle which goes badly on weapon probe. The Last time base was jeopardized by traitor pilot and invaded by ED. The player task was to destroy the Prototype with traitor in it before she manages escape to ED rendezvous point. During ED attack base underwent self destruct and remains are destroyed by ED invading forces. Remaining research is moved to Ixchel lab and to the Moon.


  • The missions in lab serves as an comic relief due to communications with main manger, player and head of Stellar Council
  • ACME comes from Greek word akme meaning perfection, that name was used in Looney Tunes cartoon series.