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This page is about the LC faction (playable in Earth 2150). Here you will find information about its origins, available units and buildings. Let this data help you grow as an experienced LC army commander.

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Race Overview

The Lunar Corporation (LC) is a dominated by women (but not consisting only of them) faction of space colonists who colonized the Moon and cut themselves off from Earth soon after the 3rd World War. Normally a pacifist faction, the LC is forced to head to Earth in order to secure minerals to build their Evacuation Ship (due to the moons general lack of accessible resources, in real life as well as ingame). The Lunar Corporation is by far the most technologically advanced of the three factions, utilizing solar power as well as antigravity vehicles (by reverse-engineering abandoned extraterrestrial technology found beneath the moon's surface). Because of this, they do not build trenches or dig tunnels like the UCS and ED. Also, instead of constructing buildings like the other two factions, the Lunar Corporation is able to transport them from orbit to the battlefield. In combat, they use exotic weapons such as electro-cannons and sonic weapons (originally mining equipment). LC units are typically fast and technologically advanced, but fragile. In the single-player campaign of Escape From The Blue Planet, the forces of the LC are further bolstered by the unique alien craft known as The Fang, a gift from the UCS in exchange for an alliance. Although losing this one-of-a-kind unit means instant failure, the Fang's weapon is capable of easily disposing any opponent it comes across — until it runs out of ammo, that is. [1]



John Fisher, founder of the Lunar Corporation was born in 1976. He started as a poor scientist in a small private laboratory. His fascination with the cosmos made clear that it wasn’t enough for his ambitions. He wanted to take mankind into space. He convinced ten wealthy industrialists to sponsor his project. In 2002 he was appointed head of the Lunar Corporation. The LC was growing rapidly, making tremendous technological advances. In 2012-2014 the corporation took over the American NASA organization. In 2025 construction began on an orbital city and in 2034 Orbital City I was officially opened. The situation on Earth was deteriorating - the political tensions and an economic depression were getting worse. This was an opportunity for the LC, which was charging exorbitant sums from the wealthy for tiny but relatively safe residences in Orbital City I. Due to the high demand, the LC began construction of Orbital City II and the far more ambitious Luna Project, the first permanent settlements on the Moon. In 2040 every sane person knew that the only way of survival was to move far away from the impending atomic war. The Lunar Corporation focused all its resources (suspending work on Orbital City II) on the Luna Project. Work on the lunar city progressed rapidly, with people moving into each new sector the moment its construction was complete. When war on Earth did finally break out in 2048, all Orbital City citizens were moved to Luna and the Lunar Corporation ultimately severed all contact with Earth. The Luna I city was self-sufficient with an independent community. It was governed by ten people on the Supervisory Board of the Lunar Corporation. John Fisher was voted in as the first president.

The majority of the inhabitants had been extremely wealthy people who had led very comfortable lives on Earth. Living in rough, primitive conditions and hard, physical labor caused them to grumble - loudly. The Supervisory Board tightened discipline and forced obedience from the citizens. In response the citizens revolted. The old president was unable to take full control of the situation. The rebellion was being suppressed with the violence and by pushing its ringleaders through an air lock. Soon after that John Fisher died. His loss was mourned by the entire colony and served to stifle the aggression of the two opposing sides. A truce brought some stability to the colony. The community elected a judge to the Supervisory Board and his job was to stop friction between the population and the government. He had the power to remove the membership status of any Supervisory Board member whose attitude might destabilize the colony, but he wasn’t participating in the daily running of the colony. John Fisher’s son became the new president.


The new philosophy of Luna’s residents was “a man’s worth as an individual is based on the benefit he brings to the society”. A citizen’s status was defined by his knowledge, skills and diligence and how he put those to good use. Every child leaving elementary school was undergoing a test for individual skills and assigned an occupation deemed most beneficial to the colony. In the social hierarchy scientists were at the top, since they were responsible for the colony’s future. In order to improve the living conditions, research groups were formed to examine the moon’s surface. In 2061, a scientific expedition encountered a series of caves with high levels of radiation. Inside, they found a deserted alien base. The research lasted for many years, with the laboratory set up near the site and expanding until it became separate city itself with the name Luna II. Around this time a wrecked alien space ship was found off the coast of the Mare Imbrium. Extensive examinations showed that it possessed anti-gravitational propulsion. After six years of extensive research, the scientists could finally present anti-gravitational technology to the public. In 2070, some very peculiar crystals had been discovered. Putting them in a strong magnetic field was causing them to expand rapidly and absorb elements from the ground around them. Further research allowed to utilize these crystals in the construction of vehicles and buildings as a very inexpensive way of enhancing their structural soundness.

At the end of the 2070s the LC started a Mars terra-forming project. In 2085 the first unmanned anti-gravitational ship was sent to Mars on a recon mission. More followed in 2090. The purpose was to make Mars a great place to live in one hundred terrestrial years. Meanwhile, alien technology of magnetic shields enabled construction of space ships capable of interplanetary travel without exposing passengers to cosmic and solar radiation. The next fifty years were spent sending ships to Mars. A man-made greenhouse effect increased the temperature to 15°C, rising a little each year. Scientists predicted that in twenty years they could melt the ice caps to provide enough water to sustain life on the red planet. Because of the Great War on Earth, a threat of cosmic proportions arose which would take the moon with it as well. Facing this reality, the citizens of Luna turned their efforts to make a home for themselves far away from the blue planet. Unfortunately, this project required vast amounts of natural resources, far more than the barren moon could ever provide. Acquiring them on the war-torn Earth was the only solution.


Unit name (Eng) Unit name (Rus)[3] Description[2]
Lunar m3
Реголит This is a light, unarmored vehicle used for reconnaissance. Being equipped with light weapon systems, it's not too good in combat situations. But its power shield generator and easy maneuverability make it a fantastic escort vehicle. Cheapest LC unit, and the only one capable of mounting 1500 PSU shield (at second upgrade) out of every starting units in Earth 2150. It is most often used for early rush at enemy base because of its fast production time, low cost and high movement speed. Later upgraded Lunar m3 can be used as mobile anti-air unit.
Moon m3
Орион Decent armor combined with the possibility of mounting strongest shields makes the Moon a powerful combat unit at a good price. This unit is the core of LC troops in the fight against enemy focused on energy weapons. It's good to keep in mind that the last Moon upgrade beside enabling the access to the highest tier shields, it decreases this unit cost by 50 CR. This may seem as a small amount of savings but every 6th troop produced you get like one for free.
New Hope
New Hope
Новая Надежда This light reconnaissance vehicle was based on the Fang unit, the pride of the LC. The New Hope isn't quite as powerful as its predecessor, but it has still managed to prove its value in some tight spots. Its ability to repair itself is particularly impressive (it regenerates 3 hp every tick). Even after suffering extreme damage to its epoxy armor, New Hope needs only a few seconds to become fully battle-ready again. This unique feature is the result of a complex fiberglass pressing and hardening system. However, the unit has one fairly large disadvantage: there is no facility for mounting shields stronger than 1000 PSU. New Hope is a support unit. Used wisely, it can have a decisive effect on your entire offensive. But you'll need to develop an elastic strike-and-retreat strategy.
Fat Girl
Fat Girl
Толстушка This is a mobile container, driven by a strong fragmentation motor which has been adapted from that previously used only be orbiting stations. The maximum lifting capacity is 3600 tons. Maximum speed is 18 km/h. Thanks to her strong engine, you can mount up to 4 light guns of any type. This makes Fat Girl an unbelievably effective frontline unit. Though its production time summed with every weapon mounted on results in a very long waiting span. That's why it is recommended to mount machine guns on instead of other, more sophisticated (like rockets and electro cannons) weapons which would significantly increase production time. (Of course, this does not apply if you have unlimited time to prepare your units and enemy will surely wait for you to catch up)
Crater m3
Фотон When designing this vehicle, the LC engineers sacrificed speed for power, and equipped it with heavy armor and a power shield generator. The decision made Crater the most resistant of all LC units. And it's been adapted to carry high-caliber weapons that should guarantee its success in the heat of battle. Even if this is the most armored and sustaining troop amongst Lunar Corporation vehicles, it's still the weakest in comparison with the other factions heavy armored units.
Crusher m3
Пульсар This typical attack vehicle is designed to inflict huge losses on the enemy in a very short period of time. The engineers have made it possible to attach two heavy weapon systems. Crusher is unable to spend a long time under direct fire. It need to be protected with an escort of other units, taking enemy fire at themselves.
Крион Mobile artillery unit. It usually carries long range plasma cannon that launches dense projectile which ignores target power shields. Very long range of this unit is paid for by a very slow movement speed and lack of any armor. It's better to keep Crions out of enemy weapon range. It can have mounted plasma artillery cannon or Anti-air rocket launcher.
Meteor m3
Болид This light fighter is the first model equipped with a modified anti-gravity generator capable of rising to any altitude. It's used for reconnaissance operations and to repel enemy bombers. Due to the engine's high energy consumption, the Meteor is not equipped with magnetic shields. For purposes of attack, it comes equipped with a machine gun or light rockets. The last upgrade has shortened research time and enables mounting 1000 PSU shields on this unit, which may become helpful in the fight against UCS plasma anti-air defences.
Super Fighter
Super fighter m2
Истребитель The LC builders made it their goal to fill the gap between the fast and maneuverable, but thinly armored Meteor and the heavily armored, but very slow Thunder. The result is the Super Fighter. Equipped with a rocket flak system, this is an ideal weapon against enemy aircraft.
Thunderer m2
Альтаир Here's a huge, very slow, anti-gravity craft equipped with heavy armor. The modified engines allow it to fly at any altitude, so it can reach into the heart of an enemy base. Heavy rockets and heavy sonic cannon make it the ideal unit for air raids against enemy troop concentrations.
Фобос Typically scout unit. Instead of radar detecting enemy units it can carry shield recharger or regenerator (since LC units doesn't need a repairer) that boosts recovery time. Having this unit around your troops becomes vital when enemy reaches for any kind of cloaking tech.
Меркурий Air supply unit. The most expensive unit in the LC assortment. Nevertheless it's quick and durable so it should be able to deliver ammunition to a unit in need and then come back safe and sound.
Unit Transporter
Unit Transporter
Транспортер This light transport unit uses an anti-gravitation propulsion system. Its main task is to provide aerial evacuation of threatened and/or damaged units from the battlefield. Second usage for this troop-carrier can be smuggling units behind enemy lines.
Tunel Gouger
Tunel Gouger
Вход в туннель Their enemy's ability to attack through tunnel systems, and the strategic advantage this brings, has long been a source of frustration for the LC leadership. So they ordered industrial plants all over the Moon to begin R&D work on a new generation excavation unit. Of the three prototypes delivered, the "Xeno Irid" model from Adams & Novok lci. got the go-ahead for mass production. A series of tests proved the unit's worth as an all-terrain vehicle as well. Plus, the unit is extremely durable - the pendulum engine can remain in operation for 120 years, while the ceramicplastic outer frame is designed to last at least 250 years. Whenever you need to equalize the ditches or dig a tunnel this unit is an answer. Attention - the gouger unlike other LC units can't hover over water.

Unit Statistics

Data sheet below is based on unit information provided in game Earth 2150 The Moon Project patch 2.2. Research times are shown for the mostly used in MP games 2x research time and maximum time reduction ( got from 3 Research centers)

Unit Name Production
Hit points Maximum
Armor [%] Speed Production
Time [s]
Research Time [s] Research Cost Research Prerequisite
Lunar m1 150 240 500 0 25 15 - free -
Lunar m2 150 270 500 0 28 15 41 2000 -
Lunar m3 100 300 1500 0 32 15 41 2000 Lunar m2
Moon m1 350 300 1000 50 21 30 - free -
Moon m2 350 400 1500 50 25 30 62 2000 Lunar m2
Moon m3 300 500 2000 50 28 30 62 2000 Moon m2
New Hope 500 500 1000 66 28 35 83 3000 Lunar m3
Fat Girl c2 650 600 2000 50 16 45 62 3000 -
Fat Girl c3 650 600 2000 50 17 45 62 3000 Fat Girl c2
Fat Girl c4 600 750 2000 50 18 45 62 3000 Fat Girl c3
Crater m1 1200 750 2000 80 19 60 83 3000 Moon m2
Crater m2 1200 850 2000 80 19 60 83 3000 Crater m1
Crater m3 1200 950 2000 80 19 60 83 3000 Crater m2
Crusher m1 1300 1150 2000 75 16 65 83 3000 Crater m2
Crusher m2 1300 1250 2000 75 16 65 83 3000 Crusher m1
Crusher m3 1300 1350 2000 75 17 65 83 3000 Crusher m2
Crion 1400 750 1500 0 15 70 - free Plasma Artillery
Meteor m1 600 180 0 25 36 30 104 2000 -
Meteor m2 600 300 0 25 36 30 83 2000 Meteor m1
Meteor m3 600 400 1000 33 36 30 63 2000 Meteor m2
Super Fighter m1 1000 600 2000 0 32 60 104 3000 Meteor m1
Super Fighter m2 1000 750 2000 0 32 60 104 3000 Super Fighter m1
Thunderer m1 1500 600 1500 50 25 60 104 3000 Meteor m1
Thunderer m2 1500 750 1500 50 25 60 83 3000 Thunderer m1
Phobos 600 200 1000 25 28 10 - free -
* Phobos m2 1000 600 2000 50 28 10 - free Upg. Detector I
Mercury 2400 1600 1000 33 32 20 - free -
Unit Transporter 1000 550 2000 50 36 60 104 2000 Meteor m1
Tunel Gouger 800 1800 1000 25 21 50 - free -

* Phobos m2 is automatically researched and available with Detector upgrade


Weapon name Description[4]
20mm Double Chaingun
Common weapon with average damage but high attack speed and ammo capacity. It works great against buildings in construction and it doesn't slow down much production of a unit, so this is perfect choice for early rush troops. Later it performs moderately against armored enemies but is still useful against air units.
Air Chaingun
Chaingun upg.1
Same as version for ground units but its ammo capacity is lower by 100.
Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher upg.2
Reliable weapon, but requires rocket ammo upgrades (without missiles guiding it's almost worthless) which ensure enemy gets hit. Ideal against light troops and the air.
Heavy Rocket Launcher
Heavy Rocket Launcher upg.2
One of the longest range LC weapons, just like the light version it requires ammo upgrades for efficient performance. Unfortunately it doesn't allow to mount anything else on a unit.
Anti-air Rocket Launcher
AA Rocketlauncher
Second most powerful weapon. Though It can target only air units. Mounted usually on buildings like Nest, but it may be equipped by Lunar m3, Crion or Super Fighter (air version) as well.
Air Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher upg.1
Same as ground Rocket Launcher but deals slightly more damage. Can be mounted on Meteor or Super Fighter either.
Air Heavy Rocket Launcher
Heavy Rocket Launcher upg.1
Works in the same way as ground Heavy Rocket Launcher, but it has shorted production time and a bit higher damage. As other heavy air weapons can be mounted only on Thunderer.
Electro Cannon
Electro-Cannon upg.1
Electro-Cannon operates on the potential difference principle. It generates a powerful negative charge that is sent to a target over a previously shot fire. It can be linked to a clap of a thunder. The charge can totally damage a unit, while leaving the armor intact. Just like an Ion Cannon, the target is electrically jammed for 2 to 10 seconds, during which time it cannot fire or maneuver. A power shield can capture and defuse an electrical charge but that shield will lose more and more power with every shot.

Weapon especially associated with LC. after few shots turning off the unit. Electro-cannon has relatively high damage (armor piercing as every energy gun) and ability of cutting off the power hence it is often used as a main LC weapon.

Heavy Electro Cannon
Heavy Electro-Cannon upg.1
Heavier version of electro-cannon provides longer range and higher power. Besides it works identically. Moreover it allows to mount a lighter weapon at the top of it.
Sonic Cannon
Sonic Cannon upg.1
One of the best examples of how LC has adapted existing technologies to military needs. The MSH 12 sonic hammer used on the Moon to break down huge rocks in the mines was converted into one of the Lunar Corporation's best weapons. A sonic cannon operates on the microwave generator principle. Resonance wave oscillations that occur withing range increase the target vehicles' temperature, leading to complete destruction. But the sonic cannon won't inflict any damage on the LC's own vehicles and structures, since these have special protective materials. Sonic and laser cannons are based on the same principle, though there is one major difference. With a sonic cannon, you can heat-blast ALL enemy vehicles withing the blast's range, not just the one at the time. And you can do this without damaging your own vehicles.

In brief: It releases a pulse which causes damage around the unit ignoring ally objects. The closer the target is to the blast, the more damage it will take.

Heavy Sonic Cannon
Heavy Sonic Cannon upg.1
Increased radius of destruction, damage and ammo capacity in comparison to the lighter version. Crucial thing is to remember that ANY thing mounted in the second slot (intended for light weapons) will not work, except the Banner and Building Grabber (even if the game allows to do that). So do not delude yourself. Even small sonic cannon won't add any bonus damage, even if an interface shows improved stats. Same of course happens to the rockets and anti-rockets.
Air Sonic Cannon
Heavy Sonic Cannon upg.1
Strongest and most efficient out of all sonic weapons. Air units have access to discharge sonic pulse directly above target unit exposing it to the highest burst from this cannon. Only Thunderer can be equipped with this weapon.
Plasma Projector
Plasma Projector
It can be described as better light electro-cannon. Most significant difference is the same range as heavy electro-cannon which favors its placement in a second weapon slot.
Plasma Artillery
Plasma Cannon
Mobile artillery weapon (an equivalent of ED/UCS grenade launchers). Its attack range is a double of Heavy Rocket Launcher. Plasma cannon has only 1 ammo, but it recharges just like any other energy weapon although its projectile ignores power shields. Unlike sonic and electro-cannon shot from this weapon can be dodged.
Earthquake Generator
Earthquake gen.upg.1
Works in similar way as sonic cannon but deals damage only to nearby structures (including those still in the air). Often used in underground of enemy base.

Weapon Statistics

Data sheet below is based on unit information provided in game Earth 2150 The Moon Project patch 2.2. Research times are shown for the mostly used in MP games 2x research time and maximum time reduction ( got from 3 Research centers)

Weapon name Cost Damage Range Air Ammo Production
time [s]
Research Time [s] Research Cost
20 mm Chaingun 200 16 6 Yes 200 5 - free
20 mm Double Chaingun 200 22 6 Yes 300 5 83 3000
Air Chaingun 200 16 7 Yes 100 15 - free
Air Chaingun upg.1 200 22 7 Yes 200 15 83 3000
Rocket Launcher 300 22 8 Yes 60 25 - free
Rocket Launcher upg.1 300 36 8 Yes 80 25 83 3000
Rocket Launcher upg.2 300 44 8 Yes 100 25 83 3000
Heavy Rocket Launcher 800 54 10 Yes 50 60 83 5000
Heavy Rocket Launcher upg.1 800 63 10 Yes 60 60 83 5000
Heavy Rocket Launcher upg.2 800 76 10 Yes 70 60 83 5000
AA Rocket Launcher 300 200 10 Only 100 15 83 5000
Air Rocket Launcher 300 40 8 Yes 80 25 83 3000
Air Rocket Launcher upg.1 300 50 8 Yes 100 25 83 3000
Air Heavy Rocket Launcher 700 72 10 Yes 70 35 104 5000
Air Heavy Rocket Launcher upg.1 700 84 10 Yes 80 35 104 5000
Electro-Cannon 300 40 6 No 10 30 104 3000
Electro-Cannon upg.1 300 60 6 No 10 30 104 3000
Heavy Electro-Cannon 650 100 8 No 10 55 104 5000
Heavy Electro-Cannon upg.1 650 146 8 No 10 55 104 5000
*Sonic Cannon 400 30 5 No 5 40 83 3000
*Sonic Cannon upg.1 400 30 5 No 5 40 83 3000
*Heavy Sonic Cannon 600 60 5 No 10 65 104 5000
*Heavy Sonic Cannon upg.1 600 60 5 No 10 65 104 5000
*Air Sonic Cannon 1200 100 5 No 6 60 104 5000
*Air Sonic Cannon upg.1 1200 100 5 No 6 60 104 5000
Plasma Projector 450 75 8 No 10 35 125 3000
Plasma Artillery 600 500 20 No 1 60 293 10000
Earthquake gen. 600 16 5 Yes 3 70 83 3000
Earthquake gen. upg.1 600 30 5 Yes 3 70 83 3000

* Sonic cannon statistics are not accurate - see section Sonic cannons for more details

In addition, upgrades in the form of enhanced ammunition are available:

Ammo upgrade Bonus damage Bonus range Research Time [s] Research Cost
Upg 1: 20 mm Bullets +6 0 41 2000
Upg 2: 20 mm Bullets +12 0 41 2000
Upg 3: 20 mm Bullets +5 +1 41 2000
Upg 1: Rocket (guided: 25%) +4 0 20 2000
Upg 2: Rocket (guided: 50%) +5 +1 41 2000
Upg 3: Rocket (guided: 100%) +4 0 41 2000
Upg 1: Heavy Rocket (guided: 25%) +8 +1 41 3000
Upg 2: Heavy Rocket (guided: 50%) +8 0 41 3000
Upg 3: Heavy Rocket (guided: 100%) +8 +1 41 3000

Ammo damage bonus above is correct only for the most upgraded version of a weapon .

Click Here for Weapon DPS Information

Sonic cannons

All sonic weapons statistics are broken - range is different in constructor menu, and in selected unit details panel. None of them is accurate, neither is the damage. Upgrading Sonic Cannon (Heavy and Air too) doesn't increase damage nor ammo or range. But there is noticeable regenerate rate improvement. Another thing is that Sonic Cannon deals more damage to units closer to the rear of the troop. Every square [distance] damage dealt decreases by about 6 for Sonic Cannon and by about 10 for Heavy Sonic Cannon

The damage given by single attack of Moon (facing north) with light sonic cannon to surrounding squares:

The damage given by single attack of Crater (facing north) with heavy sonic cannon to surrounding squares:


Utility name Description[4]
LC Banner
Increases level of surrounding units by 2 which manifests itself in higher weapon damage and range. Banner's range of influence is same as Detector m2. For possible profits check Level benefits subsection.
Power Shield
Shield 2000 PSU
Provides protection from energy weapons . Shield absorbs all the incoming damage until it's discharged. Recharging takes some time which can be shortened by being within the range of shield recharger. Can be mounted on every building. Some units need an upgrade researched to be capable of carring the power shield. It is worth remembering that LC has stronger shields than any other faction.
Shield Recharger
Shield Recharger m3
Can be carried by Phobos unit. Units in close range gain increased regeneration of shields. LC is the only faction with access to such tech. You will find more information in Shields and regeneration subsection.
Regenerator m3
Can be carried by Phobos unit. Units in close range (within 7 squares) gain increased regeneration of lost in fight hit points. Normally LC units regenerate by default 1 hp (New Hope exceptionally 3 hp) per second. Regenerator multiplies base unit regeneration rate - for Regenerator m1 it is 2x base regen. Each Regenerator upgrade increases this multiplayer by 1 . More than one Regenerators nearby will not have any effect.
Detector Upg.2
Mounted by default on Phobos unit. Used for enlargement of sight range and revealing stealth enemy troops. More info in Detector range subsection.
Building grabber
Building grabber
The specially modified repair module can infect the computer systems of enemy structures with a virus and then take control over them. Its great advantage is that it can take over completely functioning buildings without destroying them. It allows to take over enemy building only (Doesn't require electronics to be turned off by ion or electro-cannon).
LC Antimissile
This excellent defensive system is mounted onto units and structures which have two mounting bars. The system is capable of deflecting 92.6% of all enemy rocket attacks by detecting the thermal tail of fired rockets. The effect has been increased by adding saturation and selection sensors.

It shoots down enemy missiles directed at the unit with antimissile mounted. It doesn't protect surrounding ally units from incoming rockets .

Detector range

Each upgrade of detector increases its range. Radar range calculation is based on 4x4 squares. This means that Phobos with basic detector will only see stealth units in its own 4x4 area, while upgraded detector will also find units in a few surrounding 4x4 areas. Note that in some cases (if Phobos is on the edge of the 4x4 area), basic detector may be unable to detect a stealth unit that is just 1 square away.

Ranges of each version of detector (click to enlarge):

Shields and regeneration

Power shields regenerate itself every second even under fire. Every shield generator upgrade increases its recovery rate. Table below shows dependencies between charge rate amount, Generator type and Recharger buff (within 6 squares of a Phobos with Recharger mounted).

Generator none Recharger m1 Recharger m2 Recharger m3
Small 1.5 3 6 12
Medium 2 4 8 16
Large 2.75 5.5 11 22

You can notice that each Recharger upgrade the recharge rate increases exponentially. More Rechargers nearby will not increase these values .

Level benefits

Each killed enemy unit or building your troop receives some experience. Unlike artificially increased level (banner), the naturally scored one gives bonus hit points .

Level Kills
Hit Points [HP] (+%)
Damage (+%)
Attack Speed (-%)
Movement Speed (+%)
Sight Range (+%)
Attack Range (+%)
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
1 1 10 10 10 0 0 0
2 4 20 20 20 0 0 1
3 12 30 30 30 1 0 1
4 28 40 40 40 1 1 1
5 60 50 50 50 1 1 2
6 124 60 60 60 2 1 2
7 252 70 70 70 2 1 2
8 508 80 80 80 2 1 2


Building name Description[2]
Laser Wall
Laser Wall
LC isn't capable of creating typical walls as other factions. Laser Wall nodes are only way of barricading a way. The maximum distance between nodes that can be connected to each other is 5 squares. Every node can be linked to two others. Laser Wall is a great method for fighting laser weapons since they are weak against structures. Heavy armor also helps in protecting grounds behind this fence. The bonus knowledge is that laser wall can burn trees on his way (unfortunately it can't do the same to enemy walls).
Main Base
LC Main Base
The LC builds all their heavy construction, civilian and military vehicles right here. Any object developed and tested in the Research Center can also be built here. The Base is thickly armored and has cannons to fend off attacks by lightly armed enemy units. You must protect this structure well. If you lose it, and your heavy construction and military vehicle reserves run out, the battle is over.
Solar Power Plant
Solar Power Plant
The LC Solar Power Plant is a technologically advanced structure consisting of a generator and several ergonomically designed and very powerful solar batteries. The plant has a high performance transmitter, capable of providing energy to distant structures. Extra energy is sent to batteries for storage. These batteries run the base during daytime hours. The plant's capacity is based on the intensity of the sun's rays. At night the reflective plates fold up and wait for sunrise.

See also: E2150 - Solar efficiency

Solar Cell
Solar Cell
Solar Power Plant doesn't actually create energy. For this at least one solar cell is needed. This building can be built only by clicking on the "Add Battery" button (or B on a keyboard) when Solar Power Plant is selected. One power plant may have up to 10 Solar Cells producing 100 energy per cell. This building falls off much faster then other LC structures.

See also: E2150 - Solar efficiency

Xyrex Power Plant
Xyrex Power Plant
While developing the fission power plant, the LC scientists used a method of energy creation far different from that used in traditional power plants. They placed underground electrodes, which short circuit when they come into contact with xyrex. The electrode is then pulled back a certain distance, generating energy. To reach the output of a typical atomic power plant, over 2000 electrodes are needed. One of the technologies biggest drawbacks is the short lifespan of an electrode and the subsequent need to constantly replace them. Single Xyrex Power Plant produces constantly 400 energy.
This is a battery with huge capacity. Its only task is to store excess energy during the day for use at night. It has a high power transmitter, which can supply energy to structures many kilometers away. If it's destroyed, parts of your base could lose power completely, ruining all your defensive plans.
Research Center
LC Research Center
This is where your extremely inventive LC scientists and engineers are based. R&D tasks for all new technologies are carried out here. Every unit or structure upgrade has to be developed and tested here and prototypes of new units are planned, constructed, and then given the go-ahead for mass production. Without this structure you will lose access to the latest technology and probably the war as well. Two or three Research Centers will speed up the R&D process. Second instance of a center gives you about -15% bonus research time and the third -30% (of the original). More than three won't bring you any benefit and are therefore a waste of your precious resources.
LC Headquarters
This is the LC strategic command and control center. This structure opens the door to automated management of research, unit designs, weapons installation and building defense with the use of special defense platoons. There is no need of using Headquarters if you manage with everything without any problem.
LC Mine
For obvious reasons, this high-tech structure should be built very close to ore deposits. LC mines are capable of extracting and processing ore simultaneously. In other words it's a mine and a refinery in one. If you lose it you'll be unable to supply raw material to your military and civilian infrastructure.

See also: E2150 - Mining

Upgraded Mine
LC Upg. Mine
This structure extracts slightly more credits (about 10%) per minute than non upgraded version. Moreover it has 1000 more hit points and provides banner experience buff for nearby units (see Level benefits). Available only in patch 2.2 for The Moon Project and Lost Souls.

See also: E2150 - Mining

Aerial Supply Center
LC Supply Center
An Aerial Supply Depot is a supply center. Suppliers use this as a base for delivering ammunition for heavy weapons to units and structures. Usually replenishing ammunition spends money, so you need to have it in your account. You may change frequency of deliveries (or rather how many troops a single supply unit is to handle) with a button when this building is selected. So the slower the reaction time, the more vehicles the ammunition transporter can supply.
This light defense building is made of hardened plastic and steel plates and is ideal for all types of terrain. Nest comes equipped with a launching ramp. It is usually used for base dropping near enemy structures as a support for ground units during an assault. Available only in The Moon Project and Lost Souls.
Single Defender structures are too weak to defend themselves against enemy attacks. But there's strength in numbers. If you set them up in groups, one next to the other, they can ward off attacks by lightweight planes and other weakly armored units. If you place them in large unexplored territory, they act as a good early warning system. This building falls off much faster then other LC structures.
The Guardian is the most heavily armoured structure out of LC constructions. The double-ringed defense tower is fortified with two heavy cannons, making it indestructible for all but the most heavily armed attack units. Since the tower packs a serious punch, it can usually repulse attacks quickly and successfully. Only concentrated attacks by well-equipped enemy units pose any danger. Because of its strength, you should set up the tower near the Main Base or other strategically vital structures. This building falls off much faster then other LC structures.
LC Artillery
The LC artillery piece is without question the most significant achievement of the lunar builders. This masterpiece of military science has an extremely long range, which means it can hit enemy targets without being endangered by return fire. To get this distance the calibre was reduced to 122mm and ceramic-cased ammunition is used. A target scope that combines a satellite positioning system with a laser-guided terrain modeler has raised hit rates to 90%. Replenishing ammo of this structure is expensive so you have to bear this in mind to know how many shots from this cannon you can afford. Don't suggest with its damage shown in a stats, because a missile fired from this gun is "piercing armour" (kind of). This building is counted as an unit so putting a banner nearby increases its stats.
Weather Control Center
This is the LC's answer to the usual weapons of mass destruction (like nuclear and plasma weapons). The WCC is capable of radically altering weather conditions. It can start a long rain shower, suddenly send the temperature soaring, or unleash a thunder storm. In other words, the LC has managed to turn weather into a weapon. Use Rain to flood low-lying enemy territory - destroying all units and structures in the process. Use lightning to take out those at higher elevations. As the game progresses, it will get more and more difficult to summon the forces of nature. The closer the Earth gets to the Sun the drier the planet becomes - until rainfall is a precious commodity. Nevertheless, the Weather Control Center does not completely lose its usefulness. It can take over the control of meteorite showers and redirect them toward enemy units and structures. This structure is powered by electricity. Right after you've built it, the WCC will start loading up its batteries. Once they're full, the structure is ready for action.

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Meteor Control Center
It is the equivalent of weapons of mass destruction owned by other factions, cheaper but much weaker. Meteor Control Center can have up to 2 Meteor Launchers. Every has separate charging time after which it is able to send a missile to the pointed location. Available only in patch 2.2
Meteor Launcher
Meteor Launcher
Meteor launched by this structure deals about 700 damage. This is enough to destroy a small group of light units. In order to get rid of enemy buildings you will need something else. This building is counted as an unit so putting a banner nearby increases its stats too.
SDI Defense Center
This is another structure you must have as the game advances. Its purpose is to defend your positions against attacks by weapons of mass destruction. If a nuclear missile is shot in your direction, special detectors designed specifically for this purpose will track the missile's flight path and unleash three high-powered laser shots at just the right moment. The incoming missile explodes in the air without damaging your units or structures. The only drawback to this system is that the detectors have a somewhat limited range. That's why you should set up your SDI Defense Centers at equal distances from one another - ideally close to strategically vital structures (i.e. those without which you cannot properly continue the war). Despite every faction has access to this technology, LC's SDI is the only working one in TMP patch 2.2. It has 3 ammo and noticeable reload time, so there is a gap when enemy missile can come through.
LC Recycler
Life on the barren Moon has given the Lunar Corporation unique experience in the field of reusable resources. Before the war this was mainly focused on recycling plastic and glass - the two mainstays of lunar construction. Recycling steel posed some tricky problems at first, particularly since metal objects were seldom found on the Moon in pre-war days. This is why the efficiency of unit recycling is still relatively low at about 50% of the unit's previous value. This is one of the cheapest LC structures so it can be used for fence off the enemy.
Tunnel Entrance
LC Tunnel Entrance
This structure connects the surface with the tunnel itself. It has its own generator, so it doesn't need a Power Plant. This is the only LC building that creates creates a cell underground. It may be used for quick digging tunnels (in combination with self-destruction)

Building Statistics

Data sheet below is based on unit information provided in game Earth 2150 The Moon Project patch 2.2.

Building name Cost Hit points Armor Energy consumption
Laser wall 100 2500 50 10
Main Base 2500 5000 50 100
Solar Power Plant 1000 3000 25 0
Solar Cell 80 600 0 0
Xyrex Power Plant 2500 3000 0 0
Battery 1000 3000 0 surplus
Research Center 1500 2400 0 50
Headquarters 1500 3600 0 50
Mine 2000 3000 25 50
Upgraded Mine 2000 4000 25 50
Aerial Supply Center 1500 3000 0 50
Nest 200 600 50 10
Defender 500 2000 75 15
Guardian 1000 3500 75 25
Artillery 7000 1500 25 250
Weather Control Center 17000 4000 25 300
Meteor Control Center 10000 4000 25 200
Meteor Launcher 4000 1000 25 100
SDI Defense Center 8000 1500 25 50
Recycler 500 3000 0 50
Tunnel Entrance 1000 1500 0 0

Every LC building during placement phase has only 50 hit points and armor adequate to structure type.


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