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Crater m3


Mid tier LC military unit that can be produced in Earth 2150 after researching it.


When designing this vehicle, the LC engineers sacrificed speed for power, and equipped it with heavy armor and a power shield generator. The decision made Crater the most resistant of all LC units. And it's been adapted to carry high-caliber weapons that should guarantee its success in the heat of battle.


Data sheet below is based on unit information provided in game Earth 2150 The Moon Project patch 2.2. Research times are shown for the mostly used in MP games 2x research time and maximum time reduction ( got from 3 Research centers)

Unit Name Production
Hit points Maximum
Armor [%] Speed Production
Time [s]
Research Time [s] Research Cost Research Prerequisite
Crater m1 1200 750 2000 80 19 60 83 3000 Moon m2
Crater m2 1200 850 2000 80 19 60 83 3000 Crater m1
Crater m3 1200 950 2000 80 19 60 83 3000 Crater m2


This chassis can carry every heavy weapon available in LC faction, except Plasma artillery. High armor makes it the best choice against enemy which uses cannons and rockets. Though it is produced against enemies focused on energy weapons too because of its capability to mount highest tier shield. Even if this is the most armored and sustaining troop amongst Lunar Corporation vehicles, it's still the weakest in comparison with the other factions heavy armored units. Anyway LC has no real choice when it comes to picking a chassis that possesses heavy weapon slot.


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