E2150 - Solar efficiency

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LC base with solar power

Solar efficiency is a mechanism implemented specifically for LC, as they rely on solar power. Obviously, the solar panels do not work at night (0% solar efficiency) and work only during day (100%), but there are also dawn and twilight phases where the efficiency scales linearly from 0 to 100% or from 100% to 0%. What is more, certain weather effects can produce clouds that later affect solar efficiency. The solar efficiency can be reduced to 40% depending on how heavy the clouds in the area are.

In neutral circumstances (no weather effects), the solar efficiency is at 100% for 8 hours, at 0% for 11 hours and in between those values at other phases of the day. This means that the average solar efficiency of a single solar panel during 24h is 43,75% ((8h + (2:20 + 2:40)/2)/24h). Thus, in case of The Moon Project 2.2.2, a solar power plant with 12 panels produces an average power of 525 units.