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With the console command "Editor.LoadBmp filename.bmp" it is possible to import BMP images as a height map. Visit the Map Creation Tutorial for guidance in creating your own maps.

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However, the picture must meet some conditions:

  • 72 dpi resolution
  • 256 grayscale (8 bit)
  • Size:
    • Extra large: 256 * 256 ,
    • large: 192 * 256,
    • small: 92 * 92 [pixels]

Creating map draft

Warning: the accessible area is slightly smaller than that Map! On templates the limit is shown as a rectangle outline.

You can use all the effects and aids that you have Photoshop offers. Guides are particularly useful, and the ability to To mirror things. When mirroring, you have to use layers copy, mirror and then reassemble the layers). The brighter the pixel is, the higher the corresponding point is later on the map. To produce staircases, you can do this very easily with the gradient tool or the blur filter. Just do the area where there is a staircase should select, then either draw a gradient or the Gaussian Apply blur.


Game might turn to NOT RESPONDING if height difference between adjacent pixels will be too big

It's better to make natural walls less steep, if you want the map to be playable :)

Having the basics of the card so very simple and done quickly, you save the image as a bitmap (BMP) in the TMP main folder. Then you start TMP and go to the editor. Here you open a new one Card with the dimension that corresponds to the size of the image. Now press to hit the enter key and type :

Editor.LoadBmp filename.bmp

The editor should now load the heights from the image. Now you can add textures, raw materials, starting points and other details.

You can also use that command with an additional number parameter

Editor.LoadBmp filename.bmp 8

Since the default value is 16, putting 8 will cause loading the .bmp file with halved values of heights (8 is ½ of 16). You may want to experiment on that.

Mapping with an image editing program is natural also possible with programs other than Photoshop, it just has to be considered that the image is saved as an 8-bit grayscale BMP.

Editor Tricks

To delete/revert something:

hold shift and click on it

Editing Singleplayer Maps:

editor.singleplayer 1

Larger Zoom Out: