E2150 - Map Editor

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The game comes with a built-in Level Editor accessible from within Main Menu. Using the editor, you can create you own levels for Skirmish, Multiplayer or even your own campaigns! The editor is pretty easy to use, but feel free to check Editor Manual for more guidelines.

Importing terrain

With the console command "Editor.LoadBmp filename.bmp" it is possible to import BMP images as a height map. Visit the Map Creation Tutorial for guidance in creating your own maps.

Importing objects

In community versions of The Moon Project and Lost Souls, it is possible to batch import objects from text file by using IEO.LoadObjects filename command. The feature comes as a part of EarthExtensions - see usage examples there.

Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid using dot (.) in file name of the level, as the level name may get truncated in "Open" dialog and you may run into issues with loading the level
  • To delete/revert something (object, tunnels etc.), hold shift and click on it.
  • To view/edit single player (campaign) maps type the following command:
editor.singleplayer 1
  • To zoom out beyond what the game options offer (TMP and LS should offer enough), use command graph.zoom.max:
  • To remove player or change his default faction, use the ? Dialog available on Objects tab, next to Players field. Warning, depending on your selected screen resolution and/or language settings, the button may be invisible (hidden by other controls) - this happens for example on a very common 1920x1080+English setup, so you may need to temporarily run game in a different resolution to access this feature.

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