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This page is about ED faction (playable in Earth 2150 game). You will find here information about its origins, available units and constructions. Let this data help you grow as an experienced ED army commander.

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Race Overview

Eurasian Dynasty - Essentially a new Mongol Empire based in Russia , the Eurasian Dynasty (ED) is the most primitive of the three races use outdated (by 22nd Century standards) technology such as tanks and helicopters . ED has an industrial, Soviet-reminiscent theme to the design of its structures and vehicles. It has the most basic methods of power generation and complicated resource-gathering. [1]

Basic ED units are armed with machine guns, 105 mm cannons , and rocket launchers , while more advanced vehicles can be equipped with laser & ion cannons (developed in response to the UCS ' habit of AIs) as well as nuclear missiles . The ED army still relies on conventional weapons. It unbelievable how they even could develop such thing like an Ion Cannon, which interrupts the electronic circuitry of any target it hits, disabling it without destroying it. Using this formidable piece of firepower, the ED is able to capture many hostile units intact, then examine them for potential weak points. Their main offensive force is comprised of units equipped with large-caliber antitank guns and rocket launchers. Towards the end of the last war, however, a few new units were equipped with laser weapons. Despite years of research, the ED scientists still have not been able to develop an effective anti-gravity generator. So ED units continue to run on engines based on the old 20th century technology. Ground vehicles have wheel or caterpillar-type track chassis. The main drawback to this is that different terrain types have a great affect (almost always negative) on their mobility. [2]


Greater Russia was one of the parties to the war of 2048. During this conflict, all governments in Europe and Asia were de-centralized, and the entire area fell into an almost feudal anarchy. Naturally, once the war ended this situation quickly changed. Generals wasted little time officially consolidating the power which they had enjoyed throughout the war. And a mighty new empire arose from the ruins of civilization - the Eurasian Dynasty .

The following excerpts are taken from the personal diary of a Russian general, Siergiej Zugij , while he was commander of the Irkutsk III missile base. This ambitious career soldier was one of the founders of the new Dynasty and became its first leader.

In the spring of 2050, a group of soldiers under Colonel Siergiej Zugij 's command set out towards the Mongolian steppes to find remaining survivors. The Colonel 's plan was very ambitious. As commander-in-chief he had an extremely thorough socio-political training behind him and commanded legions of troops ready and willing to lay down their lives for him. He was therefore able to capitalize on any opportunity to create a strong, new empire. That empire would be ruled by one person - Zugij himself.

Zugij even had a few more aces up his sleeve. He had access to a wide variety of weapons and he knew where all the old Russian secret military bases were located. All he needed now was a location to make his dream come true. Coming across a Mongolian nomadic tribe and taking control over it gave him the perfect opportunity to start a new empire. In the spring of 2051, the now General Zugij encountered a tribe of sheepherders ruled by the Khan family. These sheepherders weren't really interested in the global war raging throughout the known world, their main problem was the constant conflict with neighboring communities. This situation was tailor-made for Zugij and it didn't take him long to convince the tribe's leader that an armed squad could put an end to their problem once and for all. Within the following year, the Khans conquered the surrounding territories, uniting their peoples into one tribe. The victories strengthened Zugij 's position as the leader's advisor and at the end of the first year he became a member of the Khan family by marrying one of the chief's daughters. He took a new name, Yaga Zi Khan , to help win the tribe's respect and confidence.

The old leader died in 2059 and Yaga Zi Khan became the new leader. While establishing the capital of his new country, he continued to bring more and more areas under his control. After a few more years had elapsed, Yaga Zi Khan found himself controlling most of the remaining uncontaminated areas in Asia . Yaga 's son, just as bloodthirsty as the old leader himself, marched to Europe and conquered its peoples. This was the birth of the huge and powerful empire which would be given a proud name at the end of the 21st century - the Eurasian Dynasty .

The dictatorial Khan Dynasty gave the absolute highest priority to military science, forever searching for new technological solutions which would give them total military control. They had access to the old Soviet secret military bases and this gave them nuclear capability and other usefully destructive technology. Trusting nobody, they naturally set up a highly trained, large network of spies and saboteurs. They sent many of these shady characters to South America to gather as much information as possible on their arch rivals, the UCS.

In 2032, the impetuous and cunning Tiao Thi Zhe Khan came to power. His ambition was to conquer both Americas and hammer the laziness out of the UCS citizens. He started his preparations by ordering the ED scientists to develop a technology whereby human body parts could be replaced by mechanical parts. The scientists were successful and soon a new generation of tough, extremely resistant cyborg-soldiers were being massproduced and held in Bio Centers .

Then in 2140 something totally unpredictable happened....the UCS invaded the British Isles ! Now Tiao Thi Zhe Khan had a reason to do the only thing which warmed his cold, cruel heart...he declared war on the UCS .

The war proved to be enormously expensive and Khan still wasn't seeing any signs of the crushing victory he had anticipated. Naturally, the people soon started to balk at paying the high taxes levied to finance Khan's war. The situation was ripe for rebellion. Khan 's cousin, Kata Mae Zhe Khan , a master of the insidious (the one quality the entire family shared), made the most of it. He incited the citizens to riot and in the mayhem which ensued, the Bio Center was razed to the ground. The next step for Kata was to assume total control. After a brief but bloody struggle, he deposed his cousin with the support of his rebels. Now he could realize all his dreams and ambitions!

But the change in government didn't change much in the war. The ED army suffered some terrible defeats. In 2148, while making a desperate retreat from South America , they finally retaliated with nuclear weapons. Gigantic explosions near the North Pole changed the course of the war for good - Earth was knocked out of orbit . The first effects of this were noticed in 2150, and as a result, Kata Mae Zhe Khan decided to build an evacuation fleet to escape the planet. Later that year a new enemy appeared. The Lunar Corporation, an almost forgotten society living on the Moon , dispatched its units to various parts of the Earth to seek new territories rich in natural resources. ED reconnaissance, stealthy and effective as ever, reported that the LC had obviously figured out what was happening and was making preparations to evacuate the Moon . Their scientists had no doubt reached the same conclusion as those in the ED - if the Earth is going to blow, get as far away as possible.

A general command was issued from ED headquarters....defend all natural resources on ED territories at all costs ! And prepare for battle against not just one, but two, enemies!


Unit name (Eng) Unit name (Rus*) Description[3]
Gruz Урал This is a heavy construction vehicle equipped with front-mounted excavation buckets. It's used for constructing buildings, digging ditches and tunnels and levelling ground. A rear-mounted construction module contains most needed components to construct important structures.
TT 120 Pamir Памир The TT model was developed from the American Abrams M2 tank. To adapt the design to 22nd century demands, the scientists modified its equipment so that one man can operate it. The steering stand is situated inside the chassis right beneath the turret, giving the operator better protection.
ZK Taiga Тайга This is a heavy-transportation vehicle used originally for cutting trees in the Taiga forests. Low speed and a huge resistance level are its plus points, but being a civilian vehicle, it has a woeful lack of armour. The ZK Taiga is currently assigned to hauling containers between mines and refineries.
ZT 102 Siberia Лидер The Siberia model was designed during adaptation of the ZK series for military purposes. The Siberia is armoured, but, unlike the ZK Taiga, is also fast and light. The reduction in weight was possible because the ZT 100 Siberia was not intended to be used as a transportation unit.
HT 900 Ural Булат This is the heaviest vehicle used by the ED Army. Unlike the HT 400, it can be coupled to two independently operating large-calibre cannons. Despite its low speed it is used as the main offensive force when faced with heavy enemy defences.
Minelayer Минный заградитель After war broke out in 2140, construction began on a vehicle that would be able to mine large areas in a short time. This led to the development of the Minelayer. During the development process, however, the scientists luckily stumbled across a design for a laser mine detector, which they immediately incorporated into the Miners.
TK 111 Caspian Рубикон The ED Army needed an amphibian vehicle capable of operating in swamps and flooded areas. So they developed the TK101 from an armored infantry transporter. The transport bed was replaced with a highly efficient generator, giving it more than enough energy to power any special add-ons.
TL 80 Volga Аллигатор When the scientists at the Kurtchatov Research Centre started work on an amphibian tank, the first thing they did was reduce the armour, so they could float. The TL 70 model is the result of these experiments, which in fact were half-way successful. The TL 70 can operate in water but is very slow and cumbersome.
MI 107 Cossack Кондор This small helicopter, equipped with machine guns, is perfectly suited for reconnaissance operations. With its tremendous speed and manoeuvrability, it can easily dodge enemy rockets, while its special ammunition helps it destroy light enemy units.
MI 150 Grozny Раскат Due to the heavy losses incurred by the MI 106 Cossack models during the early part of the war, ED scientists were forced to develop a new type of helicopter that would be strong enough to stand a direct hit with a surface-to-air missile. The needed breakthrough was reached when the scientists developed a new composite armor.
MI 210 Khan Вихрь In 2147, demand for a stealth unit that could catch enemy units unawares prompted scientific research into a heavy bombing helicopter, the Khan. Able to fly at low altitudes and avoid radar detection, the Khan can carry up to 6 tons. The Khan has no armour at all, so it's defenceless against anti-aircraft attacks.
MI 310 Thor Буреносец The MI 300 is a heavily armoured helicopter used to carry out air raids. Although similar in design to the Khan, its lifting capacity is significantly reduced because of its heavy armour plating. It can break through anti-aircraft defences and release bombs precisely over enemy bases - something the MI 200 model cannot do.
Scout Small helicopter designed for revealing the map due to its long vision range.
* — according to official 1C/Snowball localization

Unit Statistics

Data sheet below is based on unit information provided in game Earth 2150 The Moon Project patch 2.2.

Unit Name Production
Hit points Maximum
Armor [%] Speed Production
Time [s]
Equipment Slots Research Cost Research Time Research Prerequisite
Pamir I 300 180 0 75 21 30 1T None None None
Pamir II 300 180 75 21 30 1T Pamir I
Pamir III 300 180 75 21 30 1T Pamir II
Siberia I
Siberia II
Siberia III
Mine Layer I
Mine Layer II
Taiga 400 450 1 17 30 1T None None None
Caspian I
Caspian II
Caspian III
Stealth Unit
Volga I
Volga II
Kruszchev I
Kruszchev II
Kruszchev III
Ural I
Ural II
Fake Pamir Cannon 50 20 0 75 19 15 None None None None
Fake Siberia Rockets 50 20 0 75 18 15 None None None None
Fake Kruszchev 50 20 0 75 17 15 None None None None
Irkutsk I
Irkutsk II
Irkutsk III
Leviathan I
Leviathan II
Kiev I
Kiev II
Gruz 800 1800 0 25 19 50 None None None None
Scout I 1000 150 0 25 28 10 None None None None
Scout II 1000 150 0 25 28 10
Boyar 2400 1600 0 33 32 20 None None None None
Cossak I
Cossak II
Grozny I
Grozny II
Unit Transporter
Thor I
Thor II
Han I
Han II


Weapon Statistics

Data sheet below is based on unit information provided in game Earth 2150 The Moon Project patch 2.2.

Weapon name Cost Damage Range Air Ammo Production
time [s]
Research Time
example name 200 16 6 Yes 200 5

Click Here for Weapon DPS Information


Level benefits

Each killed enemy unit or building your troop receives some experience. Unlike artificially increased level (banner), the naturally scored one gives bonus hit points .

Level Kills
Hit Points [HP] (+%)
Damage (+%)
Attack Speed (-%)
Movement Speed (+%)
Sight Range (+%)
Attack Range (+%)
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
1 1 10 10 10 0 0 0
2 4 20 20 20 0 0 1
3 12 30 30 30 1 0 1
4 28 40 40 40 1 1 1
5 60 50 50 50 1 1 2
6 124 60 60 60 2 1 2
7 252 70 70 70 2 1 2
8 508 80 80 80 2 1 2


Building name Description[3]
Vehicle Production Centres Heavy construction machines and civilian vehicles are manufactured here. The VPC has its own power source, so it's more or less independent of other structures. Any basic vehicle (without equipment add-ons) can be produced here. Its two cannons can easily fend off attacks by your enemy's light units. Remember to protect your VPC at all costs. If you lose it, you won't be able to produce any heavy construction machinery to expand your operation, and that will eventually mean curtains for you!
Weapons Production Centre Here you can produce any kind of battle vehicle you want. The WPC isn't particularly well armoured, so you'll need some kind of special protection here. Just as in the case of the VPC, if you lose this structure, you'll have no heavy battle equipment and you'll be fair prey for any enemy who happens along!
Power Plant This is a normal, medium-output, atomic power station. The reactor has a built-in cooling system, plus a transmitter which supplies energy to neighbouring structures. Your Power Plant has an ingenious automatic safety system, so if it takes a direct hit and is destroyed during an enemy attack, there'll be no atomic explosion to blow your other structures and units to smithereens!
Mine The Mine excavates underground resources. The raw materials are packed in airtight containers and brought out on a conveyor belt. Then the containers are either transported to a Refinery or to your Space Port.

See also: E2150 - Mining

Refinery The Refinery breaks down the raw materials into components necessary to keep production going in your Production Centres. Special units deliver the raw material containers to the Refinery. Then a conveyor belt takes them inside.

See also: E2150 - Mining

Research Center This is where your scientists and engineers are based. All kinds of research and experiments are carried out here and new technologies developed. Every unit or structure upgrade has to be developed and tested here and prototypes of new units are planned, constructed and then eventually given the go-ahead for mass production. Your Research Centre will give you access to ultra-modern technology. Note: Two or three Research Centres will speed up your research. More than three won't bring you any more acceleration and is therefore is a waste of your precious resources.
Supply Depot This is a military centre which supplies ammunition to your units and structures. It's totally dependent on how healthy your bank balance is! As soon as a unit's ammunition supply is exhausted, delivery will occur automatically. And you can have ammunition delivered to any unit you select. Units in tunnels won't always be supplied, but as soon as they exit the tunnel, ammo-a-plenty will be there for them!
Ship Yard The heart of the Shipyard is a hangar where marine units are constructed. This structure should only be built at the waterside, at a location with space enough to harbour ships and boats and broad enough for a lock.
Pill-Box The Pill-Box is a really important structure. Heavily armoured with great resistance to all kinds of firepower, it lies close to the ground in the ED's first defensive line. While the Pill-Box is doing its stuff, your second lines of defence can open fire on your enemies and annihilate them. And because it lies so low there'll be no danger of your own units hitting your Pill-Box from behind.
Small Tower You'll only realize just how effective these structures can be when you have several of them in operation. Three or four Small Towers are an excellent defence against light and medium heavy airborne armour. They can also repel infantry attacks. But bear in mind that they won't be so effective against heavily-armoured enemy infantry, simply because you can't mount heavy artillery on Small Towers.
Large Tower Here's a huge hurdle for your enemies to cross! It's normally equipped with heavy artillery but you can add an extra weapon on to this structure, like maybe a heavy laser, or even large rockets. A few of these Large Towers placed strategically will thwart even the strongest and most heavily-armed enemy troops.
Missile Control Centre The MCC is the control centre for the most dangerous firepower of all - the atomic warhead rocket. You'll need this structure to build firing ramps for these rockets. No matter what the distance, these weapons will always hit the target, since they're aimed by satellite! Not bad, huh? You'll find that you'll often need to use these babies to successfully achieve your mission aims.
Silo This is the firing ramp for your ballistic missiles. It's concealed underground and should always be built near your MCC. Ready-to-fire ballistic missiles (and atomic warhead rockets) are stored here. Just like in the real world, a ramp takes a long time to reload, so it's better to have several of them loaded up and ready to fire.
Headquarters This is the strategic control centre of the ED. It houses the many, new, advanced strategies to which you wouldn't otherwise have access. You can completely automatic many command sequences here, such as defense, mount-a-weapon, etc.
Radar In the last years of the war, the UCS really used the camouflage effect of the SHADOW to great effect. The ED had to find an answer to this and their scientists came up trumps. They developed a generator which destroys the Shadow's camouflage effect! Mounted on the Radar structure, this generator has yet another capability....it produces a strong magnetic field which jams your enemy's communications with their Command Center, making them leaderless and easy prey for your weapons.
Tunnel Entrance This structure handles communication between the tunnel system and the surface. It has its own generator, so it doesn't need a Power Plant.
Landing Zone This small structure marks out landing areas for heavy transporters. It has a strong signal transmitter which enables it to guide planes in safely at night or in thick fog. Note: This structure is absolutely vital for transporters en route from mission area to base and vice-versa.
Artillery This is a stationary ED artillery battery. Its builders focused on creating a weapon with the highest possible destructive capability. The result was a slight reduction in range, but a major increase in power. A shot from this weapon releases two 356mm cluster shells. Originally designed to destroy heavily fortified enemy positions, the artillery is also useful in the defensive against concentrated enemy attacks.
Recycler This hydraulic press is used to extract material from old, destroyed units. Since the only by-product of the recycling process is steel, a demolished unit is only worth half its production value.

Building Statistics


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