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This page is about UCS faction (playable in Earth 2150 game). You will find here information about its origins, available units and constructions. Let this data help you grow as an experienced UCS army commander.

UCS logo

Race Overview

United Civilized States : This faction is a demarchy that controls North and South America . The name implies that the United States of America gradually expanded its borders to include the entire continent. The United Civilized States (UCS) is a highly technologically based faction and have come to use robots to replace people in as many positions as possible. The UCS scientists created, under the supervision of President Jonathan Swamp , NEO and GOLAN ; a huge step in technological advances, GOLAN was essentially leader of the UCS military, while NEO was interested in politics. It was a machine capable of matching and potentially far surpassing any organic general. It controlled the entire UCS army including all the military robots. These bipedal robots , or mecha, are just as effective as a human-piloted vehicle. The UCS has a robotic theme to its structures and vehicles. They have exclusive access to powerful weapons such as grenade launchers, shadow generators , and plasma cannons - probably the most effective ever used by mankind with incredible destructive power, low energy consumption and high rate of fire make it the ideal all-around weapon. Other technologies include reverse-engineered anti-gravity propulsion systems from a crashed UFO , and modified 105 and 120mm cannons stolen from the ED . UCS units are typically slow and expensive but durable and pack high firepower. [1]



As the 21st century began, who could have predicated that things would turn out as they did? With millennium parties in full swing, people around the globe celebrated wildly. As the world's most prosperous land, the United States had the most to cheer about - and the most to look forward to. Globalization had won the day and there was little doubt who the big winner would be.

But after the empty champagne bottles had all been cleared away and the hangovers subsided, the first rumblings started. First came the crash on Wall Street . Stocks plummmeted to levels which made the 1930s look good. As irrational exuberance gave way to incurable pessimism, one international corporation after another simply dissolved, factories closed their doors, and pictures of millions of unemployed wandering around desolate city centers in the vain hope of finding something to eat came to symbolize the plight of the 21st century.

The crisis brought about some dramatic social and political changes in the US. To focus attention away from the miserable economic situation, those in power pushed for a "guns instead of butter" policy. Defense outlays were dramatically increased and a siege mentality created among the population. For 30 long years, Americans were made to believe the entire world had become an enemy, and that foreign armies were just waiting for the right moment to attack. Under these tense circumstances there was little to prevent a relatively minor incident with Greater Russia in the 2040s from escalating into a largescale conflict. In the ensuing war of 2048 all European and Asian powers were completely destroyed. Since the US had invested early in a top-rate missile defense system, it suffered less damage than the others. But the war left its mark. Not one single nation managed to emerge unscathed. The only result of the bitter conflict - global anarchy.

Slowly and painfully, the North American continent began reconstruction. Twelve states in the former USA formed a federation called the United Civilized States , with a provisional government. But people had long ago lost faith in politicians, who were seen as selfinterested and greedy. A new movement led by Richard Bowman stepped into this power vacuum. Bowman's theory was radical if not particularly original - power corrupts and since those who seek it are usually motivated by the lowest personal interests, the best government is the one that doesn't exist. To his critics, who pointed out that somebody must govern, he repeatedly claimed to have a plan already worked out.

And that he did. His "solution" was a government run by an absolute minimum number of bureaucrats chosen by a lottery system. To keep them from becoming entrenched, they could only remain in office for a few months.

Despite some opposition from conservatives, this strange form of government was installed and given the name "Stochocracy" . At first it was difficult getting newly chosen politicians trained in their new positions. But after a few years government ran smoothly. Occasionally a new lottery "winner" was reluctant to take up a position, but these were rare cases. Most citizens saw it as their patriotic duty to carry out the tasks of government - at least for a short time. Fortunately the greenhorn politicians could rely on highly specialized computer systems to assist them in day-to-day matters of state. In fact, they began depending so much on these so-called "advisors" that, after a while, it became clear that the systems were fully capable of running the government without their human overseers.


In 2074, the physicist Mark Springer became head of state. During his short one-year reign he was able to secure financing for a large scientific research program. Back then there were quite a few research institutes, Stanford Laboratory being the best known. Springer also led expeditions into some of the regions destroyed by the war. One of these was known as Area 51 , formerly a secret military base. While digging nearby, Springer 's crew unearthed a mysterious wreck, which turned out to be the remains of an alien space ship . Scientists began thorough investigations into the strange find to see to what use it could be put.

The steady stream of scientific breakthroughs, inventions and discoveries had a great influence on the daily lives of UCS citizens. Soon CPU-controls were everywhere. Automated factories needed little attention. Robots did all the household chores. There was little work to be done, and everyone lived quite comfortably. Computer systems assumed de facto control over running the country, since the human rulers by now hardly ever felt confident enough to reject their "advice," which now covered every decision imaginable.

This situation changed in 2134 when Jonathan Swamp became Defense Minister. A highly skilled programmer, Swamp was for many years in charge of the main government computer systems. This experience made him the only person in the country capable of using their total potential. As Defense Minister he was granted unlimited access to the military administration processor, known as GOLAN .

While in office, he made some radical changes to the system, allowing him to run computer simulations of military battles all over the planet. But by changing GOLAN's delicately balanced program structure, Swamp created unforeseen glitches throughout the system. As a result, over the next few years incorrect data led GOLAN to make some fatal miscalculations. The worst of these was the order issued to send a large army to the former British Isles . The ED rulers of the territory naturally saw this as a declaration of war.

The resulting war lasted ten years and was fought on all continents. The intelligence of the GOLAN system went up against the courage and experience of the ED leader. Employing some new tactics, the ED at first had the upper hand, until GOLAN calculated the right counter-measures. The battlefield was in a state of constant flux. For a while the ED Army occupied part of North America, until the UCS deployed units equipped with the most modern arsenal. By 2148 the ED was in full retreat before the UCS onslaught from the south. While crossing the North Pole towards Siberia the ED shot off nuclear weapons to stop the advancing UCS units. This turned out to be the turning point - but not as intended by the ED commanders who ordered the launch. The power of the explosions literally knocked the Earth out of its orbit.

In January of 2150 the UCS scientists proved beyond any doubt that in only a few years a major cosmic catastrophe was inevitable. GOLAN was clearly unable to deal with this new information and completely shut down. A new government was quickly chosen to deal with the situation. The solution they came up with was most human in its simplicity - build a space station and evacuate the population. To work out the details they rolled out their new cyber-leader: GOLAN II . This state-of-the-art CPU quickly started issuing orders for new factories to produce the necessary parts. Through computer simulations, it became clear that such a process would require massive amounts of ore and other raw material. So GOLAN II issued another order, this time directly to the UCS Defense Minister - "must immediately call out army... secure all identified sources of raw material." The final war had begun...


Unit name (Eng) Unit name (Rus) [3] Description [4]
Mammoth Мамонт This versatile, heavy Mech is used for building or bridge construction, ditch/tunnel digging and leveling ground. Watch this unit carefully as it is what keeps you in the game longer.
Tiger Тигр This is the basic Mech used by the UCS Army. It can Hold various weapons but it is week to projectile weapons.
Spider Тарантул This 6-legged chassis can support special equipment add-ons. This Mech is used by the UCS Army for technical support. The spider chassis can also be equipped with a shield generator but it weak against rockets and cannons.
Panther Гепард A 2-legged chassis, deployed as a main striking force, the Panther packs a real wallop with its ability to carry heavy weapon systems and shields. The unit has strong armour but this makes it slow.
Jaguar Ягуар This heavy battle robot is a modified version of the Panther. It's equipped with an add-on weapon system. This add-on allows greater damage. This unit is twice as powerful as the panther but is slower to build and on the ground.
Minelayer Минный заградитель A tracked caterpillar vehicle deployed either for mine laying or quickly clearing large mined areas, It can locate and detonate enemy mines at a distance. The unit can carry 10 mines that can destroy all enemy vehicles apart from LC vehicles.
Gargoyle Гаргулья A light anti-gravity craft, the Gargoyle is fast and manoeuvrable, primarily used for reconnaissance and anti-aircraft operations against enemy bombers. It is a very fast unit and can be used to stay ahead of the enemy.
Bat Шершень As the name implies, this is a medium-weight, anti-gravity bomber, deployed against weakly defended enemy positions. Ideal for destroying stray units.
Dragon Дракон This heavy anti-gravity bomber is normally deployed against heavily defended enemy units and anti-aircraft bases. With its heavy armour, Dragon can remain under enemy fire for long periods of time. The only bad thing about the dragon is that it is slow and expensive.
Condor Кондор This transport craft provides fighting units with ammunition. As it has very little armour it is very fast.
Scout Unit with longer sensor range, it is best suited for revealing the undiscovered locations on a map. Also helpful in spotting enemies with turned lights off during the night.
Ore Transporter/Harvester Койот This vehicle is used to extract ore and transport it to a refinery or transport base.

See also: E2150 - Mining

Cargo Salamander Саламандра This heavily armoured caterpillar vehicle is used to transport building material and raw material. It is armed with a rocket launching ramp. The landing version is equipped with an additional mounting bar for any light weapon.

Unit Statistics

Data sheet below is based on unit information provided in game Earth 2150 The Moon Project patch 2.2.

Unit Name Production
Hit points Maximum
Armor [%] Speed Production
Time [s]
Equipment Slots Research Cost Research Time Research Prerequisite
Tiger I 200 240 0 75 17 30 Available by Default
Tiger II 200 270 0 75 18 30
Tiger III 200 300 120 75 19 30
Spider I 450 400 1800 20 18 40
Spider II 450 500 1800 25 19 40
Spider III 450 600 1800 35 19 40
Panther I 1200 900 1800 75 17 60
Panther II 1200 1050 1800 75 18 60
Panther III 1200 1200 1800 75 19 60
Jaguar I 1300 1350 1800 75 14 75
Jaguar II 1300 1500 1800 75 14 75
Cargo Salamander 1200 800 600 75 16 75
*Minelayer I 600 525 600 50 18 30 Available by Default
*Minelayer II 800 675 1200 50 19 30
Gargoyle I 600 250 0 25 36 30
Gargoyle II 600 350 600 25 36 30
Gargoyle III 600 450 600 33 36 30
Bat I 1000 375 1200 25 25 60
Bat II 1000 450 1200 25 25 60
Dragon I 1500 600 1200 50 25 60
Dragon II 1500 750 1200 50 25 60
Unit Transporter 1000 550 1800 50 36 60
Scout I 1000 150 600 25 28 10 Available by Default
Scout II 1300 600 1800 50 28 10
Mammoth 800 1800 600 25 19 50 Available by Default
Harvester I 700 600 1800 50 17 20 Available by Default
Harvester II 700 750 1800 50 18 20
Harvester III 1000 900 1800 50 19 25
Harvester IV 1000 600 1800 0 16 30
Harvester V 1000 750 1800 50 16 30
Harvester VI 1000 900 1800 75 16 30
Condor 2400 1600 600 33 32 20 Available by Default
Shark I 300 450 600 50 21 20
Shark II 300 550 600 50 25 20
Hydra I 500 1500 1800 50 17 40
Hydra II 500 1750 1800 75 18 40
Hydra III 500 2000 1800 75 18 40
Orca I 1200 800 0 50 17 60
Orca II 3200 1200 0 50 18 160

*Minelayer has additional parameter - ammo. For non-upgraded unit it's 10 and for Minelayer II it is 20 .


Weapon name Description[5]
20mm Double Chaingun
Air Chaingun
Air 20 mm Double Chaingun
Rocket Launcher
Heavy Rocket Launcher
Air Rocket Launcher
Air Heavy Rocket Launcher
Cannon 105 mm
Cannon 120 mm
Grenade Launcher
Heavy Grenade Launcher
Plasma Cannon
Heavy Plasma Cannon
AA PlasmaGun
Gargoyle Plasma Cannon
Bomb Bay
Earthquake Generator
Earthquake gen.upg.1
Works in similar way as LC sonic cannon but deals damage only to nearby structures (including those still in the air). Often used in underground of enemy base.

Weapon Statistics

Data sheet below is based on unit information provided in game Earth 2150 The Moon Project patch 2.2.

Weapon name Cost Damage Range Air Ammo Production
time [s]
Research Time
20 mm Chaingun 200 16 6 Yes 200 5
20 mm Double Chaingun 200 22 6 Yes 300 5
Air 20 mm Chaingun 200 16 7 Yes 200 5
Air 20 mm Double Chaingun 200 22 7 Yes 300 15
Rocket Launcher 300 30 8 Yes 50 25
Rocket Launcher (tiger) 300 25 8 Yes 50 25
Rocket Launcher (panther) 300 36 8 Yes 80 30
Rocket Launcher upg.1 300 40 8 Yes 76 25
Rocket Launcher upg.1 (tiger) 300 30 8 Yes 76 25
Rocket Launcher upg.1 (panther) 300 42 8 Yes 100 30
Rocket Launcher upg.2 300 46 8 Yes 100 25
Rocket Launcher upg.2 (tiger) 300 40 8 Yes 100 25
Rocket Launcher upg.2 (panther) 300 50 8 Yes 120 30
Air Rocket Launcher 300 33 8 Yes 80 25
Air Rocket Launcher upg.1 300 44 8 Yes 100 25
Heavy Rocket Launcher 700 69 10 Yes 70 60
Heavy Rocket Launcher (panther) 550 66 10 Yes 60 60
Heavy Rocket Launcher upg.1 700 95 10 Yes 80 60
Heavy Rocket Launcher upg.1 (panther) 550 72 10 Yes 70 60
Heavy Rocket Launcher upg.2 (panther) 550 101 10 Yes 80 60
Air Heavy Rocket Launcher 700 58 10 Yes 70 50
Air Heavy Rocket Launcher upg.1 700 80 10 Yes 80 50
Cannon 105 mm 300 30 6 No 100 30
Double Cannon 105 mm 300 46 6 No 120 30
Double Cannon 120 mm 400 106 8 No 100 60
Quad Cannon 120 mm 400 137 8 No 180 60
Grenade Launcher 300 56 8 No 100 25
Grenade Launcher upg.1 300 85 8 No 120 25
Heavy Grenade Launcher 900 60 15 No 100 60
Heavy Grenade Launcher upg.1 900 130 15 No 200 60
Plasma Cannon 300 100 7 No 50 30
Plasma Cannon (tiger) 300 100 5 No 50 30
Plasma Cannon upg.1 300 200 7 No 100 30
Plasma Cannon upg.1 (tiger) 300 200 5 No 100 30
Heavy Plasma Cannon 700 200 9 No 50 60
Heavy Plasma Cannon upg.1 700 400 9 No 100 60
*Heavy Plasma Cannon upg.2 700 400 9 No 100 60
AA PlasmaGun 300 500 10 No 50 30
AA PlasmaGun II 300 1100 11 No 100 30
Gargoyle Plasma Cannon 500 25 5 No 50 45
Gargoyle Plasma Cannon m2 500 62 5 No 100 45
Bomb Bay 2600 320 1 No 3 120
Bomb Bay upg.1 2600 320 1 No 5 120
Earthquake gen. 600 16 5 No 3 70
Earthquake gen. upg.1 600 30 5 No 5 70
  • Second upgrade of Heavy Plasma Cannon doesn't increases any stats but offers one additional light weapon mounting slot

Stats of the weapons mounted on defense structures like Large Tower or Fortress slightly differs from these used on troops. For example there is 2nd version of a Rocket Launcher with additional range and damage for the same price.

In addition, upgrades in the form of enhanced ammunition are available:

Ammo Upgrade Bonus damage Bonus range
Upg 1: 20 mm Bullets +6 0
Upg 2: 20 mm Bullets +12 0
Upg 3: 20 mm Bullets +5 +1
Upg 1: 105 mm Bullet +4 +1
Upg 2: 105 mm Bullet +5 0
Upg 3: 105 mm Bullet +6 +1
Upg 1: 120 mm Bullet 0 +1
Upg 2: 120 mm Bullet +11 +1
Upg 3: 120 mm Bullet +12 +1
Upg 1: Plasma Bomb +80 0
Upg 2: Plasma Bomb +80 0
Upg 3: Plasma Bomb +80 0
with distinction on Chassis Tiger Spider Panther Tiger Spider Panther
Upg 1: Rocket (guided: 25%) +4 +4 +5 0 0 0
Upg 2: Rocket (guided: 50%) +4 +5 +5 +1 +1 +1
Upg 3: Rocket (guided: 100%) +4 +5 +5 0 0 0
Upg 1: Heavy Rocket (guided: 25%) - +10 +11 - +1 +1
Upg 2: Heavy Rocket (guided: 50%) - +10 +10 - 0 0
Upg 3: Heavy Rocket (guided: 100%) - +10 +11 - +1 +1
Upg 1: Grenade +10 - +15 0 - 0
Upg 2: Grenade +10 - +15 +1 - +1
Upg 3: Grenade +7 - 0 +1 - +1

Ammo damage bonus above is correct only for the most upgraded version of a weapon .

Click Here for Weapon DPS Information


Utility name Description[5]
File:Earth 2150 UCS banner.png
UCS Banner
Increases level of surrounding units by 2 which manifests itself in higher weapon damage and range. Banner's range of influence is same as Detector m2. For possible profits check Level benefits subsection.
Power Shield
Shield 2000 PSU
Provides protection from energy weapons . Shield absorbs all the incoming damage until it's discharged. Recharging takes some time. Can be mounted on every building. Some units need an upgrade researched to be capable of carring the power shield (Tiger).
Upgraded UCS Repairer
Troops of United Civilized States do not regenerate by themselves. They need a repair unit with Repaired tool mounted. Most often it's Tiger or Cargo Salamander. When it repairs the target unit is temporary frozen so it won't move or respond to any player order. Repairer has got some more functions. It can take over disabled structures or units and it's able to change coloring of your troops.
Shadow Generator
Shadow Generator
Distinguishing for UCS technology of camouflage . Ally troops within Shadow Generator range become invisible so enemy can't target them. For this to work units must have lights turned off . Beware enemy radars because they are able to reveal stealth units.
File:Earth 2150 UCS radar.png
UCS radar
It becomes available with Shadow Generator researched. Used for enlargement of sight range and revealing stealth enemy troops. More info in Shadow Generator and Radar range subsection.
Building grabber
UCS Building grabber
The specially modified repair module can infect the computer systems of enemy structures with a virus and then take control over them. Its great advantage is that it can take over completely functioning buildings without destroying them. It allows to take over enemy building only with electronics turned off by ion or electro-cannon .
UCS Antimissile
The technology used in this system is a major breakaway from the standard UCS development line. Due to its high reliability the UCS uses it in large quantities. When the enemy breaks the electro-magnetic field, the system shoots up "bait" for the incoming rockets. Special sensors make sure the shots are not sent up prematurely or wasted. Construction requirements dictate that the system is installed on the secondary mounts of a unit or structure. It shoots down enemy missiles directed at the unit with antimissile mounted. It doesn't protect surrounding ally units from incoming rockets .

Shadow Generator and Radar range

Each upgrade of Shadow Generator increases its range. Any area of effect utility range calculation is based on 4x4 squares. This means that unit with (for example) radar will only see stealth units in area limited by 4x4 square structures set constant for the map. If you want to cover farther area you need to move to the next 4x4 square.

Radar tool is given with the first research of Shadow Generator, and further upgrades don't affect the radar. You can notice that Radar Tower has longer range of detecting than radar mounted on a unit.

Though Shadow Generator has 3 upgrades. First unlocks Shadow Tower construction. Second extends the working area of Shadow Tower and allows mounting the generator on units, but with the range 1 rank lower. So if you put Shadow Generator Upg.2 on your unit you get the range like for Shadow Tower with Shadow Generator Upg.1. The last upgrade of Shadow Generator affects only the version for units (so they can have same area of influence same as Shadow Tower).

Ranges of each version of Radar/Shadow Generator (Unit is marked with X, detection range is marked with bold grids):

Level benefits

Each killed enemy unit or building your troop receives some experience. Unlike artificially increased level (banner), the naturally scored one gives bonus hit points .

Level Kills
Hit Points [HP] (+%)
Damage (+%)
Attack Speed (-%)
Movement Speed (+%)
Sight Range (+%)
Attack Range (+%)
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
1 1 10 10 10 0 0 0
2 4 20 20 20 0 0 1
3 12 30 30 30 1 0 1
4 28 40 40 40 1 1 1
5 60 50 50 50 1 1 2
6 124 60 60 60 2 1 2
7 252 70 70 70 2 1 2
8 508 80 80 80 2 1 2


Building name Description[4]
Civilian Production Centre
File:Earth 2150 UCS cpc.png
Civilian Production Centre
This Production Centre is where the UCS builds its heavy construction machinery and civilian vehicles. All non-military projects developed and tested in the Research Centre can be built in this complex. The Centre's heavy armour, high resistance and large cannon enable it to withstand moderate enemy attacks. You should protect it well. If you don't have enough construction equipment in reserve and this structure is destroyed you won't be able to build any more - which in turn means you won't be able to fight anymore.
Mech Production Centre
File:Earth 2150 UCS mpc.png
Mech Production Centre
This is the Production Centre for various forms of battle equipment. Every military project developed and tested in the Research Centre can be built here. Since this structure is not very well fortified, you'll need to provide extra protection. Lose it and weapon production stops. And so does any hope of victory.
Atomic Power Plant
File:Earth 2150 UCS pp.png
Power Plant
This is a classical nuclear plant with tremendous power. It includes an atomic reactor and a cooling system. You have the option of expanding the plant with additional reactors in order to increase its energy output. In addition, the plant has its own transmitter for sending energy supplies to other structures.
Energy Transmitter
File:Earth 2150 UCS et.png
Energy Transmitter
Structures predominantly get the energy they need to function from Power Stations. But the on-going achievements of UCS scientists have brought dynamic improvements to this field of research. Now power doesn't always have to be delivered by the usual method! Energy Transmitters will expand the range of your Power Stations, and, wait for it!.....using these Transmitters, you can now construct whole networks, enabling you to build power stations much further away from your base! So your transmitter network will in effect protect your base from the drastic effects of a nuclear explosion brought about by one of those sneak enemy attacks.
File:Earth 2150 UCS ref.png
The Refinery breaks down the excavated raw materials into credits which are needed to keep the assembly lines running in your Production Centres. Your mining units deliver the raw materials to the Refineries in containers. The transfer process takes place in a special type of lock which operates hydraulically. You can unload your ground and airborne units here. And your air units don't even have to touch the ground, they can land directly on the lock itself!

See also: E2150 - Mining

Research Centre
File:Earth 2150 UCS banner.png
UCS Banner
This is where your scientists and engineers are based. All kinds of research and experiments are carried out here and new technologies developed. Every unit or structure upgrade has to be developed and tested here and prototypes of new units are planned, constructed, and then given the go-ahead for mass production. Your Research Centre will give you access to ultra-modern technology.
Supply Depot
File:Earth 2150 UCS sd.png
Supply Depot
From here, transport planes supply units and structures with ammunition for heavy weapons.
Ship Yard
File:Earth 2150 UCS sy.png
Ship Yard
The heart of the Shipyard is a hangar where marine units are constructed. This structure should only be built at the waterside, at a location with space enough to harbour ships and boats and broad enough for a lock.
Small Tower
File:Earth 2150 UCS .png
Small Tower
You'll only realize just how effective these structures can be when you have several of them in operation. Three or four of Small Towers are an excellent defence against light units. But bear in mind that they won't be so effective against heavily-armoured enemy chassis, simply because you can't mount heavy weapons on Small Towers.
Medium Tower
File:Earth 2150 UCS turret1.png
Mediuam Tower
Large Tower
Large Tower
This is a huge hurdle for your enemies to cross! It's normally equipped with heavy artillery but you can add an extra weapon on to this structure, like maybe a heavy laser or even large rockets. A few of these Large Towers placed strategically will thwart even the strongest and most heavily-armed enemy troops.
This is the most heavily-armoured structure in the game. The Fortress has two small and two large cannon, making it virtually indestructible to all but the strongest enemy forces. Its strong firepower usually means a quick and successful defence. It can only be endangered by an attack by well-equipped, heavily-armoured enemy units. Because of its sheer firepower, we recommend that you build the Fortress near one of your strategically important structures.
Plasma Control Centre
File:Earth 2150 UCS banner.png
Plasma Control Centre
The POS (Plasma Offensive System) is a weapon of mass destruction, technologically very advanced. The PCC (Plasma Control Centre) is a part of the POS and supervises the complete system. Based on a satellite defence system invented in 2073, it consists of plasma rays and control structures. The satellites form a system of mirrors which enable plasma beams fired at Earth to be very accurately aimed. The plasma cannon system can reach the enemy anywhere on the map! Its precise aiming mechanism is the secret of its effectiveness. Enemy units or structures located in areas which haven't yet been scouted can even be fired upon. In this case, just aim at where you think the enemy is. The bundled plasma beams are fired by stationary plasma cannons.
Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon
Another part of the satellite attack system, the Plasma Cannon shoots out a bundled plasma beam. Aimed by the help of satellites, it can make life hot for enemy units at great distances! Just one shot will destroy most enemy vehicles and structures.
File:Earth 2150 UCS HQ.png
This is the strategic control centre of the UCS. It houses the many, new, advanced strategies to which you wouldn't otherwise have access. You can control many functions here automatically, such as defence, mount-a-weapon, etc.).
File:Earth 2150 UCS banner.png
UCS Banner
The UCS leadership, using all their experience gained in the wars of 2140 -2145, wanted to construct a machine which could instantly transport battle units to other crisis areas. After 5 years of intensive research by numerous top UCS scientists, they finally managed to produce the Teleport. You'll need at least 2 Teleports. The transmitter on one splits material into atoms and decodes the atoms' structure. This information is then passed to the other Teleport. It has material generators which use the information to re-materialize the object. The Teleports are an enormous help to you in your battle campaigns. They speed up your troops' transport to the front and more often than not will be instrumental in helping you to avoid defeat.
Shadow Tower
File:Earth 2150 UCS banner.png
Shadow Tower
The UCS strategic experts made the most of the Shadow's excellent camouflage and adapted it for defence use. The result was the Shadow Tower. As part of a defence line, it conceals your units from enemy scanners.
SDI Defence Centre
SDI Defence Centre
You'll need this structure as well at some point during the game. Its function is to protect your own positions from weapons of mass-destruction. If an atomic rocket is fired at you, specially constructed detectors calculate its flight path and select the precise time to fire laser cannons with awesome power. The rocket will explode in the air, without harming your units or structures. The only disadvantage the system has is that it has a limited range. That's why it's important to place them right next to strategically important structures. And what's a strategically important structure, you ask? These are structures without which you cannot carry out no military actions or only very limited ones.
Tunnel Entrance
File:Earth 2150 UCS banner.png
Tunnel Entrance
This structure connects the surface with the tunnel itself. It has its own generator, so it doesn't need a Power Plant.
This is a 455mm artillery emplacement. Its extreme range lets you hit enemy fortresses from great distance. The highly-explosive ammunition means the range is even greater, since both the target as well as the surrounding area is hit.
Unit Recycler
File:Earth 2150 UCS banner.png
The Recycler is a modern "annihilation chamber". It transforms material into energy. Unfortunately, its high cost of operation combined with problems processing anti-parts means it isn't often used. The average recyclable value of a used-up unit is about 49.7% of its production value.

Building Statistics

Data sheet below is based on unit information provided in game Earth 2150 The Moon Project patch 2.2.

Building name Cost Hit points Armor Energy consumption
Power Plant 1400 4000 25 0
Nuclear Reactor 500 2000 25 0
Vehicle Production Center 1000 3600 0 50
Weapons Production Center 2000 4000 50 50
Ship Yard 1500 5400 75 50
Aerial Supply Depot 1500 2400 0 50
Refinery 1000 2400 25 50
Small Tower 200 600 50 0
Large Tower 500 2000 75 20
Heavy Tower 800 2500 75 20
Fortress 1600 6000 75 50
Artillery 7000 2000 25 100
Research Center 750 2400 0 50
Headquarters 1500 2400 0 50
Teleport 4000 1500 0 50
Recycler 500 3000 0 50
Tunnel Entrance 1000 1500 0 0
Shadow Tower 1500 900 0 50
Radar Tower 2500 750 0 50
SDI Defense Center 8000 1500 25 50
Plasma Control Center 30000 4000 25 400
Plasma Cannon 15000 1000 25 100

Every UCS building under construction has 300 hit points and 0 armour at that time.


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